Cover right, sweet sleep and wake up beautiful!
 About a third of our lives we spend in a dream. That is a healthy dream - a source of vitality, good humor and a blossoming appearance. Poor quality sleep is one of the causes pale skin, circles under the eyes, extinct sight, bad mood. In the summer the need for sleep less, but, nevertheless, the body needs rest, and sultry, windless summer nights do not contribute to any rapid fall asleep or strong, sweet sleep ...

But something can be done in this direction, and in extreme conditions of hot summer.

Fall asleep quickly - how to get there

To the process of falling asleep more easily passed, try all possible ways to cool the bedroom. Of course, the happy owners of air conditioners in this respect, it is easier, but without the presence of this useful technology can significantly reduce the heat in the housing.

Ventilate the room in the evening, the night and the morning, but the afternoon close the windows to hot air does not penetrate into the room. In the windows hang curtains light linen, they help to keep the rooms cool. Also, for these purposes, you can use the light shutters, blinds, or light reflecting film. Before leaving for work, type a full bath of cold water, and open wide the door of the bathroom in the apartment.

Carpets and rugs in the hot season it is advisable to clean enough to walk barefoot on the bare floor, and you will feel the coolness of the light. And at the same time will increase the immunity, because the soles are a large number of active points, responsible for the internal organs, and when you walk barefoot, it improves blood circulation and has beneficial effects on overall body tone.

Will the room cool homemade "air conditioner." Pre-put in the freezer refrigerator plastic bottles with water and freeze. When bottled water is frozen, place them in a room, it is best to fan included. While the water is melted and is heated to room temperature, the bottles will be nice to cool the room. Please note that during the defrost on the bottles will condense the moisture dripping down.

But it is not only important to quickly cool and comfortable sleep. Of great importance is what and how you do in the evening. Firstly, it is a problem dinner. It is not necessary in the evening to take the hard, cold, greasy food, but absolutely refuse to eat is not necessary.

Nutritionists recommend for dinner to cook rice dishes, it is rich in starch, which makes it easy digestion, helps generating serotonin (the hormone of good mood), with his participation stands out melatonin, the so-called sleep hormone. Incidentally, the rhythm of this hormone regulates the production of the entire cycle of human life, including the aging process. Scientists say that melatonin is capable of not only a good third to extend human life, but also to change its quality - keep youth and allowed to remain energetic and cheerful throughout life.

Do not forget about vegetables and greens, especially about such as the magnesium-containing lettuce, parsley, dill, fennel. Magnesium acts on the nervous system and helps relaxing sleep.

Pasta, semolina, bread - is also a good choice for dinner, but of course in reasonable quantities, and dinner later than three hours before bedtime, do not.

Just before going to bed you can drink warm milk with honey or a cup of weak green tea with milk. The milk contains a variety of substances that accelerate the onset of sleep.

You should not engage in sports before going to bed, venturing cleaning the apartment, moving furniture, work at a computer, surf the Internet.

The ideal pastime before bedtime - Motivational, yoga, meditation. Anything that promotes relaxation - welcome!

As for bedtime reading conflicting recommendations, mainly experts do not recommend to go to bed with a book, but if the evening reading is part of the ritual of your sleep, why not! The main thing is that the book is not overly dramatic, it seems to me - light, fabulously romantic fantasy best contributes to easy fall asleep and pleasant dreams.

Another remarkably simple and effective "sleeping pills" means - lying with his eyes closed, "look" up, as if you want to see the inner surface of his forehead. After a couple of minutes, maybe seconds, you probably fell asleep.

 Cover right, sweet sleep and wake up beautiful!

Sweet dreams in the hot summer

For a good night's rest is important not only in time to sleep, but sleep soundly and deeply, consistently passing all phases of normal sleep. During a relaxing deep sleep the body's normal functioning of all internal organs and systems, relax the muscles, relaxing the nervous system, the brain manages to process the accumulated information for the day. The activity of the body at this time focused on his recovery, recovery processes are involved and rejuvenation.

Tired of the bright sun and long days, we often sleep surface, toss and turn, wake up in the night, and then for a long time can not sleep, day problems turn into nightmares.

What can we do to sleep comfortably?

- The bed should be comfortable and spacious, the temperature in the bedroom, if possible, the optimal; TV, music, mosquitoes should not hinder us

- Very well, if your bed is a thin mattress and a small pillow or cushion. High-theft leads to the formation of wrinkles on the neck and chin. Ideally, your neck should be flush with the body, rather than bend. The head should be in a straight line, continuing body.

- Sleep edgewise useful for the back, and, moreover, in this position, decreases the likelihood of snoring. If you have a tendency to snore (continuously or periodically), try to identify the cause and eliminate it. Without that restful sleep is almost impossible. Snoring can occur when thickening thin curved hryaschik turbinates because of nasal rhinitis nasal passages, slack soft palate, with overweight, but in any case it is necessary and possible to fight.

- It has long been believed that the bed is best to place the headboard to the east, sleeping in this position the bed to be more calm, and the most vivid dream and pleasant.

- Before going to bed turn away from all the problems and think about something pleasant. But taking medication is not unnecessarily, they are addictive, have many side effects, and a pleasant sleeping during the night is not guaranteed.

Wake up quickly and with pleasure

To wake up quickly and with pleasure, need, first, to sleep. Bedtime everyone individually, from 7 to 9 hours in the summer, our need for sleep is slightly lower than in the cold season. But, nevertheless, in this time the body has fully recovered, and the brain to process the impressions received during the day, and only then we wake up fully rested, alert and in a good mood.

Do I need an alarm clock to go back in time from the realm of dreams and not be late for work? In principle, it should trigger an internal alarm clock, but a safety net, you can make and appearance, and to awakening was comfortable, pick up for yourself with a pleasant alarm bell.

One man wakes up the best mobile phone ringtones, the second - a radio signal, and someone who likes to be awakened birdsong. Pick the best option.

We woke up? To save battery vitality throughout the day, perform the following steps: smile, still lying in bed on belly lay hands 5-7 times a deep breath, inspiratory bulging diaphragm and exhale returning it back. Owing to this retracted congestion in abdominal cavity is a deep lung ventilation.

Turn on your left side, bring your knees up to his chin higher, and placing his right hand on the right side of hypochondria, take 5-10 breaths. Thus, there is a cleaning of the biliary tract, the improving performance of the intestines.

You can now stretch well and slowly get out of bed.

A glass of pure cool, better structured water in the morning will give a boost, and "launch" the digestive system.

And now you can be accepted and the morning of the case - charge, shower, breakfast, light make-up ... .. Look in the mirror - the smile on his lips, his eyes shining, you are beautiful!
Author: Olga Travleeva