Edema, constipation and anemia during pregnancy: Who will take care of the expectant mother?
 The gestation period, filled with trepidation waiting child, often overshadowed by ailments that might cause women severe discomfort. And as a future mother should be to get as much positive emotions, it is necessary to know how to quickly deal with the possible discomfort.

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Swelling of the feet
The developing fetus increases the mass of the body of the future mother, leaving for the day on their feet has to a serious burden. In addition, during pregnancy in a woman's body fluid can be trapped, which leads to heavy legs and edema. All this could adversely affect the condition of blood vessels and lead to venous insufficiency. Therefore, the health of the feet need to take care with the help of venotonic funds. For example, you can apply on your feet daily special gels, which have anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates swelling, pain, and improves the appearance of feet.

Pending the crumbs in the female body increases the production of progesterone, which relaxes the muscle tissues, including the intestine. This leads to constipation. And even in the last trimester and a growing baby can pinch the intestines mother, resulting in the delay of feces. What to do in such a situation? Move more (physical activity stimulates the intestine), to include in the diet of foods rich in fiber (fruits and vegetables, wholemeal bread and so on.), And to exclude those that trigger constipation (pureed food, white bread, semolina, etc. ). In addition, you can use local laxatives do not have systemic effects on the body. This is how, for example, microclyster Mikrolaks permitted for use even during pregnancy.

According voiced by the World Health Organization, during pregnancy, anemia affects about 80-90%. Meanwhile, iron deficiency anemia has a negative impact on the state of the future mother, and the baby. If a woman does not have enough iron, it is more pronounced toxemia, and increased risk of premature birth and miscarriage. To cope with a deficit of important substances by using iron-containing preparations, which in each case the physician should select. In addition, the normalization of iron promotes the correction of the diet - in the menu you need to include more foods containing iron (beef, liver, sardines, peas, pumpkin seeds, raisins, dried apricots, prunes, spinach, parsley, lemon balm and so on.)

 Edema, constipation and anemia during pregnancy: Who will take care of the expectant mother?

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Whatever the problems lay in wait for the future mother during pregnancy, they can be overcome. The main thing - to know what to do in case of ailments and promptly take care of his health, which, incidentally, is directly dependent and the baby's health.
Author: Olga Larsen