It is necessary to put pressure, or it can massage during labor
 When the beloved suffers, giving birth, unprepared Pope lose his head. A trained and seasoned parents' guidance fathers make his wife a massage.

Under pressure

The easiest type of pain medication during labor massage - pressure on the sacrum area. There is a powerful nerve center, which is working on, can block pain impulses traveling to the pelvic organs - the uterus, birth canal.

You can put pressure on the sacrum tips or knuckles, fist, his base, open palm. But even select the optimal pressure force and the area of ​​impact, be ready to experiment on: birth - the process of growing, and you may have to increase or, conversely, to ease the pressure. Maybe it will be enough of one hand, but may have to press both hands simultaneously or alternately. Relief beloved wife can bring acupressure: look for finger-sensitive point, moving the spine from the waist down to the coccyx, and click on them for a few seconds. Do not be afraid to overdo it: it is, after the usual massage bruises should not be in any case. But in the birth place of bruises on the impact of the father's fingers say that man is not moonlight.


Someone from pregnant women will like vigorous rubbing his hands sacrum area (or edge of his hand) - is so vigorous that the skin and the muscles under the arm just "burn". To protect the delicate area of ​​irritation, apply to her massage oil or cream, but it's slightly weaken the force of the impact.

You can rub in another way: put your hands on the back of a woman's buttocks. During her inspiration vigorously lead the palm up to the waist, as you exhale, expand into the hands so that fingers touched, and return to the starting position. It is important to combine the massage with the rhythm of breathing during contractions.

They drank and drank!

The pain can be distracted. For this purpose it is necessary to act on the ilium - the top of the pelvic bones, which before pregnancy so nicely bulging front just below the waist ("love handles"). They can press, rub, or a combination of these techniques. Woman in labor, while the future Pope massages her sacrum, can rapidly stroking the abdomen, moving from the iliac down "through panties" to the pubis open palm or the side of his hand, "sawing" motion.

Well sit

Very effective reflex points located in the depth beneath the gluteal muscles, where the sciatic nerve passes. Imagine every "polupopie" as the center of the circle and find (usually in this place there is a small recess is pressed on, you can feel mild pain). The pressure should be strong with your thumbs or knuckles. Man makes circular movements: the right hand clockwise, left - in the opposite direction. Very nice relaxing and distracting reception.

From hip

Massage the inside of the thighs perfectly relaxes the lower abdomen. The most convenient way to do it lying on your side (on your back during labor is better not to go, not to pinch the vena cava, extending along the spine). The stronger the growing fight, the more intense the need to drive a hand from the groin to the knee and back, rubbing and warming up that area.

Rest and sleep

During the interval between contractions analgesic massage does not need - a woman must rest. But it is possible to massage maternity shoulders, collar area, upper back - it relaxes. Besides pleasant sensations in the body contribute to the production of endorphins - the hormones of happiness, which are the "natural painkillers."

A nice bonus

If the fight is not yet very strong and are force to experiment, you can try to influence the reflex points of the hands or feet. On the hand, one of these points is located at the base of the thumb. The foot is covered with acupuncture "tags" and therefore it is possible to knead, press on the bone at the base of the fingers, stroking, tickling even (this is, at least, will distract the attention of mothers and switch). And our hands and feet - more erogenous zones, influencing which can cause a splash of endorphins and, therefore, pleasant - they are also perfectly drown the pain and help you to relax during the holidays.

Massage is not suitable

There is no need to be offended, if the wife suddenly disclaims massage. Too many mothers were surprised to find, even for myself, that can not stand when they were someone touches during childbirth, even if that someone - a beloved husband. Massage will also be ineffective in the second stage of labor (during attempts). At the time of connection to the machine monitoring assistants also have to make a break.

Some of the aromatic oils can be used for massage, achieving a double effect: applying to the skin improves the friction and hovering around fragrances help to relax, overcome fear and anxiety experience joy and deep satisfaction. But before taking puzyrechki oils with at birth, you need to consult with an expert: each flavor - its character, and it is important to choose one that will not harm the expectant mother, will not cause her allergies, does not provoke her high blood pressure and other problems.

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 It is necessary to put pressure, or it can massage during labor