Lack of sleep
 One gets the impression that today, time flies much faster than in the past century. We can no longer live in a measured and not fussy, almost all are always somewhere in a hurry. Yes, and modern appliances, automobiles, computers, cell phones, etc., etc., do not make our life measured and calm. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that the majority of earthlings is suffering from lack of sleep.

It was in a dream we steal time for extra work and entertainment. And it most adversely affects both the health and the beauty.

Although the history and famous people who have not slept. For example, a father and son Drazhkovichi from the former Yugoslavia. Father lost the ability to sleep after a concussion received in the Second World War, and had not slept for 50 years, only occasionally lapsing into an easy slumber, during which he could carry on a conversation, and even read and write. His son was deprived of sleep in 23 years after the usual sports training. None of the world's luminaries could not help Drazhkovicham, but they are probably not very insisted, because the lack of sleep had no effect on their health.

Already 58 years old sleeps English farmer Eustace Burnett, reading books at night and solving crossword puzzles. In 2003, Tibet scientists from the World Health Organization found a monk who had not slept for 90 years!

Much less fortunate Manchester resident Joan Moore, who lost sleep after stress at work and now can not sleep for many years. Lack of sleep is so weakened the woman that she lost all interest in life.

 Lack of sleep

For a normal average person insufficient amount of sleep it is quite dangerous. It not only destroys the health, but also leads to a change in personality. May change not only the habits and character traits. No wonder that during the Middle Ages there was a terrible torture during which a person was deprived of sleep for a long time, knocking him to confess to sins committed and nesovershёnnyh.

For most people, the norm is an eight-hour sleep. However, someone needs more time to sleep, someone - less.

For example, Winston Churchill argued that the man takes 6 hours of sleep, the boy - 7, and the women and fools much longer. Well, what can I say? Offended by the powers that be unwise, and women, to say there is not a man, the wisdom will give them a head start. And so they understand why they need more sleep. To maintain the beauty.

This man could be a little nicer monkeys, and women have to be beautiful like Vasilisa the Beautiful and wise as Vasilisa the Wise. A lack of sleep slows down the reproduction of hormones that weaken the immune system, those who regularly enough sleep, is the destruction of the nervous system, IQ drops, weakening the reaction of the body and the brain, a person starts to make a variety of mistakes in work. It is those drivers, which often do not fill up, make the most of the accidents on the roads.

Lack of sleep leads to diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, various neuroses, phobias. And this happens even with those people who exercise regularly and breathe fresh air.

Those women that skimp on sleep, quickly gaining extra weight, they have, in spite of the diet, often develops obesity, fades and loses the freshness of the skin, the eyes no longer shine, the hair is whipped, bad comb and begin to resemble tow.

 Lack of sleep

Not sleeping women age 40% faster than their counterparts who sleep 7-8 hours. The life of those who are enough sleep, reduced by an average of 10 years.

The savings on a dream - one of the most destructive types of savings. No wonder the Spaniards invented the siesta ... In pre-revolutionary Russia naps practiced not only for children, slept during the day and adults as citizens and villagers.

And, of course, from time immemorial mankind were concerned, how is it that you need to sleep. Japanese scientists conducted a series of studies and brought a certain pattern - the most good health and a long life was in those who slept 6, 5-7, 5 hours. Those who slept 4 hours or less than 5, the life shortened by half, while those who slept 9, 5 hours or more reduced their life 1, 7-1, 9 times. Therefore, the scientists came to the conclusion that everyone should sleep just enough to rest your mind and body will restore the nervous system and wake up refreshed and full of energy.

Many of us like to sleep longer during holidays and weekends. Doctors strongly against this. Go to bed and wake up better on weekdays, and on weekends in the same time.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva