Prepare sleighs in summer ...
 Folk wisdom is almost always right, and if you do not fix the sleigh in summer, in the winter they will not get far. The same can be said about the immunity. Many of us, from the autumn, often catch cold and get sick by swallowing a bunch of pills. To avoid this, the summer should start hardening. And the best assistant in this - cold water.

- Not bad for a start to enter a ritual washing of the feet . That is, coming home from the street every time you rinse your feet cool water and wipe dry them. Before going to sleep on washed feet to put the cream. If you do it regularly, then disappear fatigue and swelling of the legs.

- Often in the heat of summer we drink cold kvas, lemonade, milk, and get up in the morning with a sore throat hoarse. To avoid this, you need to teach your throat cold gradually. To begin with half a minute to rinse it with water at room temperature. Gradually, day by day, the degree of rinsing water is reduced. In winter you can safely drink ice water.

- In the initial phase of hardening can not do without rubdown Especially untrained, pampered civilization citizen. The procedure is very simple rubdown. In the water moistened towel and wipe the upper body first, then lower. The body is rubbed in a circular motion, arms and legs toward the body. The procedure lasts 4-5 minutes. Degrees of water goes down every week.

- Go to douche . Initially, water also has to be room temperature. Can be poured from a bucket in the bathroom and in the country. You can take a shower instead of pouring, since water is below body temperature. After dousing need a good rub oneself with a towel, preferably not synthetic. Water temperature is reduced by 1 degree initially every two weeks, then 10 days, 7 days later, as long as water for perfusion would not icy.

 Prepare sleighs in summer ...
   - Those who want to temper the nervous system, to train and improve the tone of blood vessels, it is recommended cold and hot shower . First, the water should be warm for a minute, then cool for half a minute. And then several times. A week later, the temperature of cold water is reduced, and increased warm. As hardening hot showers take 20-30 seconds, cool 40-60 seconds. Finally, the reception of hot and cold soul is the same - to 1 minute. Start douche experts advise always with hot water and finish with cold.

Some rules are hardening

- Quenching with water is carried out in the morning.

- If there is a serious illness, you must first consult with a physician.

- In order not to lose the results of hardening procedures are carried out all year round. But doctors recommend starting tempered summer.

 Prepare sleighs in summer ...

Can be quenched and using air baths .

- If the heat at home, then getting out of bed, do not rush to put on clothes. Of course, if you have children at home, you have to walk in her bra and underwear. This minimum does not reduce the effect of air baths.

- Morning exercise, though very short, you need to do barefoot, standing on some rug next to an open window or window.

- Morning and evening, when there is no heat of the sun, the air bath is good to take the country.

Hardening not only helps prevent colds, infections caught up easier to carry, but also improves blood circulation and oxygen supply, while the skin remains supple and long young. For many years, it retained physical endurance, mental performance and a good mood, because these procedures increase the production of serotonin - the hormone of happiness.

Even the usual washing with cold water in the morning helps to strengthen the nerves to deal with insomnia, make skin fresh and supple.

So that, the sun, air and water - in fact, our loyal friends And if you make friends with them correctly, beauty, health and youth will be with us into old age.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva