Spring colds
 There is nothing more disgusting than to catch a cold in the spring, when everything starts to come alive, to blossom, to bloom and smell ...

Rooting at this time well, absolutely do not want. Often, however, a sharp warming leads to the fact that people relax, relieve warm clothes, standing in the draft, forgetting that the immunity of a long cold winter weakened due to a lack of vitamins, short light days of stress. So for many the minimum temperature drop on the street can turn cold.

So what to do?

Do not panic. If you get sick over the weekend, you should just lie down, turn off the phone, wrap neck scarf and go to bed.

No need to rush to swallow drugs . When starting angina helps slow chewing a lemon. If the body can not tolerate acid, then one can chew zest. Substances that kill microorganisms contained in it exactly. After this hour nothing to eat or drink.

At a cold   douche helps to bridge - alternating hot and cold water for 5 minutes.

Witch doctors are advised not to neglect the garlic. 2 cloves finely chopped, to warm with butter and inhale in turn one or the other nostril.

Assist as well beet drops   - 2 drops in each nostril of fresh beet juice, diluted with boiled water 1: 1. Beet juice, diluted with water, rinse, and sore throat.

When the pain in the throat   1 cup is not very hot water add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 drop of iodine. Rinse 3-4 times a day.

In the old days bronchitis   butter fried onion bulb and give it to the patient to chew. And with the inflammation of the tonsils them applied a paste of onion, wrapped in gauze. Throat rinse several times with milk, which is first cooked onion.

In severe sore throat cook anesthetic mixture 1 teaspoon honey to pass into the dining room, pour lemon juice on top so that it covered the honey and sprinkled with a modicum of powder of red pepper, let stand for 20-30 minutes and slowly eat.

With a strong cough can help milk with beer . Milk to boil, add the same amount of beer, much milk, add 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon of butter to 1 cup of liquid. Drink at night hot.

 Spring colds

From bronchitis and cough : Grate black radish, squeeze the juice. In such a liter of juice add 400g. of honey and take 2 tablespoons. spoon 3-4 times daily before meals and at bedtime. Or mix radish juice with milk 1: 1, add 1 cup of liquid 1 teaspoon of honey and drink 1st. spoon 5-6 times per day.

If the cough is so strong , Which gives a pain in the chest, you need to melt over low heat suet and ½ cup hot drink in the morning and before bedtime.

Cough and helps grandma eggnog   - Egg yolks, whipped with sugar and rum. Take on an empty stomach eggnog.

Prolonged chest cough Chest rubbed dry cloth rag, then rub in the chest melted butter, to which is added 1-2 drops of pine oil.

In old cough   take 1 teaspoon crushed roots of marshmallow (available at pharmacies), pour 1 cup boiling water, leave for half an hour, strain and drink ½ cup 2 times a day in the hot.

For relax sputum   drink cranberry juice with the addition of honey.

Russian healers when hard cold   recommended soak woolen cloth with a mixture of equal parts of vinegar and camphor oil and apply it on the night of the breast

The day is recommended to drink at least 7-8 cups of hot, but not fiery tea with raspberry, currant jam, lime blossom, thyme, lemon, honey.

Useful cranberry juice.

Therapeutic effects has three herbal tea . Take one teaspoon of linden flower, chamomile and mint leaves. Pour 1 liter of boiling water, and drink as much as you want. You can add honey.

For lunch, it is recommended to eat a bowl hot chicken broth . And another drink during the day 3 cups of the same broth. The old grandmother means to assess and scientific medicine.

Very useful for colds and Onion Salad . To do this, cut one onion, chopped onion scalded with boiling water. Add to it, and chopped hard-boiled egg, a little sauerkraut and all fill with olive oil.

And further, cold likes whiners She just sticks to him, those who are in no hurry to complain and limp, she quickly left alone.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva