Summer Temptations - risk factors for liver health
 Summer - a time to sun, heat, vacations, when I want to be beautiful and healthy, enjoy every fine day, allow yourself to relax your body and soul. But how often do we think about the consequences, which are followed with vkushёnnye summer pleasures? Perhaps, most reply "Occasionally." However, doctors emphasize that summer risks to our body, especially the liver, increase.

However, according to the latest statistics of Russian citizens almost pay no attention to the issue of the health of the liver: 41% of Russians have never thought about the health of their liver.

The effects of extreme diets
When the holidays "on the nose" we hasten in search of the most effective diets that guarantee us the early release of superfluous kilograms. At the same time we do not think about what they can produce on our body is not only super-effect, but superudar - all on the liver. If rapid weight loss previously accumulated fat begins to disintegrate and actively enter the blood and liver. Liver cells can not cope with a lot of fat and begin to accumulate it. As a result, long-term extreme diet developed fatty liver disease and impaired its work.

Gastronomic excesses during the holiday season
On vacation so I want to relax to the fullest. Fans of hotel system "all inclusive", which includes an abundance of a variety of exotic dishes and alcohol, can hardly resist the desire to eat heartily. Vacationers love picnics in the open air, which is an indispensable attribute of a fat barbecue and a variety of sauces. From all of this is difficult to give up, however, we must remember that the consumption of fatty foods is detrimental to the health of the liver. If too much fat diet food, in the intestine produces a lot of fatty acids, which are deposited in the liver. This disrupts the metabolism and eventually leading to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. If time does not take care of its restoration, the disease can progress to more severe forms of the disease that will require a serious and expensive treatment.

 Summer Temptations - risk factors for liver health
   You should not get too carried away in the summer of alcohol and turn a vacation in the daily "libation". The liver acts as a filter, and alcohol in large quantities can seriously damage it. A safe dose of alcohol for men is not more than 24 g of ethanol per day (60 ml of vodka, wine or 200 ml or 500 ml of beer) for women - twice below - 12 g of ethanol per day. This drink can be taken away every day. But a vacation is usually the dose is significantly exceeded. Thus, abundant fatty foods and alcohol cause a massive blow to the liver, which leads to the destruction of its cells. Subsequently advanced liver disease may lead to cirrhosis.

The negative impact of the environment
In summer, an increasing number of negative environmental and natural factors that accumulate in the aggregate, could cause damage to the body and the liver .  These include repellents do without them in the woods, in the country, in the evening by the fire can not be .  Repellents protect us from mosquitoes and gnats, but the poisons they contain, are absorbed by the body .  Through the skin surface, they enter the blood, and then to the liver .  In addition, in many regions of our country's environmental situation is not very prosperous .  Hot summer temperatures caused massive forest fires and lead to the burning of peat bogs, and a landfill, which also adversely affects the purity of air, water and food, we consume .  As a result of all these toxins get into our bodies and dramatically impacting the detoxification function of the liver, leading to disruption of the integrity of cell membranes and damage to liver cells .  Eating fish from contaminated waters contaminated with dioxins and heavy metals water, vegetables, mushrooms, berries sharply loads detoxification function of the liver and leads to the destruction of cell membranes and damage to liver cells .

The danger of excessive solar activity
Sunburn - is a necessary component of the summer holidays. At every opportunity, we strive to soak up the sun, unaware of the fact that the sun's rays are not only benefits the body in the form of vitamin D, but it can damage cell membranes and even the cell nucleus, which contains our genetic information. Regular excess solar load leads to irreversible damage to the membranes and structures of the liver cells.

How to help your liver recover?
All these factors undermine the health of the liver. In summer, the risk of liver disease increases, because at this time of year, many unfavorable factors presented in the complex. However, we rarely think about what the liver can suffer, confident that if she does not hurt, then, is not sick. However, prolonged high concentration of fat in the body and toxins, adverse effects of diets environmental destroy the liver cells - hepatocytes, thereby developing diseases such as fatty liver disease, fibrosis, cirrhosis. According to statistics diagnosed fatty liver disease can now be put one in three adults in Russia.

 Summer Temptations - risk factors for liver health
 Today, the average inhabitant metropolis, staying in constant stress and poor ecological environment, the liver needs protection and care, which can provide a functional food .  The basis of this power up the natural crude oils and natural choleretic - radish, beans, radish, citrus, mustard, herbs and garlic dining that contain fat-soluble essential oils .  Modern healthy diet should contain at least 500-700 grams of vegetables and other savory vegetable fiber daily .  Such functional food provides natural protection and safe cleaning of the liver, normalizes bowel function, which is closely linked to the health of the liver .  In addition, our liver needs the essential components of food: vitamins and essential phospholipids .  They are a major structural component of cell membranes .  Unfortunately, these components are often lacking in the usual diet, or they are contained in the products that we avoid because of the high caloric content: milk fat, nuts, vegetable oil .  Moreover, long-term shortage of these components causes ailments, chronic fatigue and dysfunction of vital organs .  In these cases it is advisable to carry out an additional course hepatoprotectors .

Modern drugs are designed to help a weakened liver to recover and cope with all the adverse factors. However, it is important to take care of the health of the liver always, and not to think about it only when it needs therapeutic help. Culture care of the liver - an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition, physical activity, timely diagnosis and correct treatment prescribed by a doctor - a guarantee of health, beauty, youth and fulfilling life.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin