The mirror of one's heart
 "What is in the mind, even in the eyes"
(old proverb).

Eyes are the mirror of the soul is called, and probably not in vain. After all, in the eye to some extent reflect our feelings, emotions, reflections of our spiritual world.

Statistics confirm that it is in the eyes of the woman first of all pay attention to the majority of men. So emitting light, heat, shining eyes are the best decoration of the face. Well, for his eyes were radiant at any age, they need care.

Besides easy to put in the eye infection, so you need to set yourself up for prevention .

• Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes.
• Swim in the pool for special glasses, not to swim in dirty waters and unknown.
• If the eye is ill or itched, rub it in any case impossible.
• Be careful with drafts, so as not to catch a cold eye.

- The eyes may water, not only from dust or cold, but also from lack of potassium . Help may be morning tea with lemon and honey, or apple cider vinegar drink. Also useful millet porridge and dried apricots.

- From the inflammation and redness   save cornflower eyes. 1 teaspoon of dried flowers of cornflower pour ½ cup of boiled water, half an hour, strain, moisten with broth to a cotton swab and apply to eyelids for 20 minutes. Then remove the pads, it is not necessary to wash.

 The mirror of one's heart
   - In today's world the eye rests big load. And, naturally, they often look tired, blush, lose their luster, eyelids swell. Therefore, the evening after washing the eyes, it is useful to do baths of decoction of parsley or chamomile . 1 teaspoon of dry raw pour 1 cup boiling water, leave for half an hour, drain. Pour into a convenient cup and lowered into the broth at a time for 1-2 minutes, then the right, then the left eye.

- It is possible to do the same broth gadgets . Moisten a cotton swab in the liquid and put on the eyes for 10-15 minutes and soak them in a dark room.

Unfortunately, some of the early age at 23-25 ​​years of wrinkles under the eyes, and after 30-35 crow's feet appear in almost all women. Their appearance contributes to the frequent application of make-up, bad body language, walk on a sunny day without glasses, as well as our dysfunctional environment and unhealthy diet.

However, not everything is so inevitable, for the time being wrinkles can be smoothed with the help of folk remedies .

 The mirror of one's heart
 - If the house has aloe, then break off a leaf, squeeze the juice on a clean finger and gently put it on the wrinkles under the eyes for 10-15 minutes, then wash with water at room temperature.

- In the same smoothing effect has the juice of parsley. Chop the parsley, mix with a little olive oil and apply on the area of ​​wrinkles so as not to get in his eyes. Unmask swab the oil and leave the oil until the morning.

- Mix castor oil and vitamin E, are sold in pharmacies 4: 1 and applied to the eyelid overnight. Apply rate - 15-20 masks.

- The finest skin under the eyes need moisture and it copes with natural honey. Mix 1 teaspoon honey with 1 teaspoon of cream and lubricate the area under the eyes. Wash off with a swab dipped in warm tea leaves of green tea.

- The skin rejuvenates eye egg white, it not only smoothes out wrinkles, but also promotes cell regeneration. 1 egg protein mix well with ¼ cup of boiled water, let stand for half an hour in a warm place and to smear the skin around the eyes. After 15 minutes, wash with warm water, then cool.

- If torturing bags under the eyes, the experts advise to drink more cold water between meals and at bedtime.

 The mirror of one's heart
 - On the night of useful cold lotions from broth parsley, St. John's wort, green tea, fennel. Or put on your eyes ice cubes wrapped in a towel. Especially good relieves swelling ice made from mineral water.

- From the dark circles under the eyes will save the usual potatoes. Raw potato wash, grate, wrapped in a piece of gauze and put on the eyes for 15-20 minutes. You can impose a fine and cut into slices potatoes, especially the young.

- Visual acuity is good saves landfill honey drops. ¼ teaspoon of honey diluted in 1 tablespoon. a spoonful of boiled water at room temperature. In order to prevent dig in the morning and evening for 2 drops. When inflammation of the eye 3-4 times per day. Keep the drops in the refrigerator can be 2 days.

- That the skin around the eyes as long as possible should be covered with mesh wrinkles sleep, to alternate work and rest, giving your eyes at least a 5 minute break, during which make circles eyes, look in the one and the other side to blink. Also, do not smoke, do not abuse alcohol, coffee and salt. Less frowning and squinting.

But "fire eyes" so popular in the old days, no one actually canceled. This easiest way - to look into the corner, on the nose, on the subject, a small smile, and drooping eyelids, look to the side, still remains an effective means of attracting attention.

So shoot your beautiful and as said Yasha artillery, "three-inch" eyes on the health and smite the selected target.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva