All claims against the back ...
 Now, in an age of progressive heart disease, many simply feel panic, though once felt pain in my heart. And then there's the dizzy, tinnitus, pain gives in the forearm, shoulder, wrist, neck, neck numb.

Where are we running? Naturally a cardiologist.

And now it turns out just any unexpected - all of these symptoms can cause the wrong pillow menu, for example, is too high. Or incorrect posture at the computer, for which we actually sit most of the day.

I myself have once ached heart and dizzy. The doctor to whom I addressed, has written a bunch of pills, and all to no avail. And thanks to her friend that she had once faced with this problem, and that has got more understanding doctor.

My pain subsided after I replaced the cushion on a flat. And then I realized how little we know about ourselves loved ...

It turns out that high-heeled shoes, pants with low waist, short jacket, if you wear it in the cold - can cause fainting, seizures, and pain in the lower back. Pain in the heart between the ribs, and lack of exercise can cause.

So, from time to time need to rise because of the computer and do at least a brief warm-up or just walk around the office.

Continuous sitting behind a computer should not last longer than 40-45 minutes. Legs should be at a right angle and touch the floor.

Unload spine can and pressing against the wall - you need to get up so that heels, buttocks, shoulders and the back of his head touched her. Only those who have a healthy spine, can stand in this position for 20 minutes. And the rest you need to strive for the ideal, adding to the standing time of 1 minute every day.

Standing and sitting only recommended with a straight back.

 All claims against the back ...
   Even though - the movement is known, life, hard physical labor in the same does not go for the good of the body. Despite the fact that our spine is in theory capable of holding the weight of 400 kg, its resistance to abuse should not be. It is known that even a pound severity of pressure on the spine weighing 5-10 kg. If you have to lift something heavy, then this should be done, squatting, keep the load as close as possible to the body. But it is better to avoid heavy weights, women do not ... Loader

Pain can provoke and work related to the jolting, vibration, the need to maintain the same posture for a long time, hypothermia.

Still - we all have to carry bags and at times heavy. Experts say that you can not carry a bag in one hand, you need to alternate hands. And if the bag is hung on the shoulder, then it must outweigh from one shoulder to the other every 15-20 minutes.

 All claims against the back ...
 And if the pain does not stop, then it may very well be a need to consult a doctor-vertebronevrolog, who will talk about the prevention of back problems and prescribe treatment if necessary.

A more interesting exercise - "cock's step" - walking up the stairs two steps. If so walk every day, ignoring the elevator, then there is the development of the hip joint.

Useful as squats - feet together strongly, squatting not to take heels off the floor.

The fingers also need to exercise. During the day, several times useful to open and close his hand. You can do push-ups from the wall bent fingers. This exercise will strengthen the fingers, wrist and forearm.

Itself, the best prevention of diseases of the locomotor system recognized walking and swimming.

And yet Russian bath and a broom and ... nettles. But do not steam more than 10-15 minutes.

Healing is recognized as sex, which, according to doctors, is a beautiful and unique shake of the endocrine, immune and other important body systems.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva