Basis Beauty - Health
 In an effort to reach the outside by any means perfect, we often forget that the foundation of beauty - within us. The natural attractive skin color, sparkle in the eyes, the correct structure of hair and other parts of beautiful appearance - all this is not so much determined by the quality of cosmetics and frequency of caring procedures as physical and mental health, as health - is the basis of everything.

So you can spend a lot of money to care for themselves, only it will all be in vain if you do not take care of health.

The fact that physical health is displayed on the exterior, it is known from ancient times. This factor is very often taken into account in the cosmetic advertisements and other means. In other words, advertising this or that element of cosmetics or other product, they say, not only that he can transform our appearance, but also that it is useful for the skin, hair, and so on. D.

Is it so? Let's leave for a moment the psychological factor of self-hypnosis. Any medical professional can confirm that to maintain physical health and proper state of all components of the body should be inside.

Thus, the basis of physical health:
- balanced diet;
- fresh air;
- The correct mode
  (which provides adequate time for rest, the body was able to recuperate).

Separately should stay on the first paragraph. There are many theories of proper nutrition, there are special formulas that enable, through special mathematical calculation, to draw up a diet. In addition, any nutritionist or physician to confirm that foods rich in vitamins and necessary body salts and elements that will help not only to maintain health, but also to remain attractive for a long time (because such common problems such as hair loss, pallor, and premature skin aging and m. g. caused primarily lack of necessary substances). So now professionals working in the culinary field, taking into account the data valeology (health sciences), think recipes for beauty.

It is considered to be useful, for example, salads containing carrots, walnuts and green apples, teas and herbal teas. In addition, there are the so-called "American" and "French" salad of beauty based on oatmeal, in which also includes honey. If desired, add the raisins and lemon. Incidentally, the ingredients such as honey and lemon are also part of the popular beverage beauty.

Choosing the right cosmetics - is a secondary factor, which only helps us become more sophisticated and unique. But physical health is closely intertwined psychological. After all, women understand how difficult it is to remain attractive and compelling, if something is wrong in his personal life, constantly pursue sad thoughts, nastaёt period of depression. This, of course, directly affects the state of the body and, of course, we lose the outer charm.

 Basis Beauty - Health

There are such forms the basis of mental well-being for each of us:
- A strong and close-knit family;
- favorite work;
- Hobbies (hobby).

Of course, not all manage to achieve all of the above, but in order to maintain mental health, it is important to adhere to the following simple rules:
1. avoid conflict;
2. possible to smooth out the rough edges;
3. do what like (if the work does not bring pleasure, but only causes fatigue, favorite activities will allow to receive more pleasure from life and smile more often);
4. Do not let yourself too overwork;
5. drive away bad thoughts positive emotions.

Such emotions can get when you look at what you like (and therefore going to the cinema, a museum or an interesting event will at least temporarily escape from everyday problems and hassles) or buy yourself something new (shopping therapy, according to psychologists can prevent and cure stress). The right amount of positive as you can get, Camping in the warm season.

All of the above methods will help preserve internal harmony, which means - to stay longer young and charming. After all, when you have a good mood, and you will rejoice life, it can be seen externally - on the lights in his eyes, and your every move in this case emits positive things that surround feel.
Author: Alla Pilipenko