Female breast - special care
 Female breast - how much it means! Here you can talk about the beauty of breasts and sexuality, about the size, plastic surgery, a bra and, unfortunately, about the diseases. But all and a row.

Not in the amount of happiness
"Beauty is not in her breast size" - the conclusion made by sociologists digging Gossards. And who said that all men worship only big bust? According to a web survey, over 50% of male respondents voted for a second breast size and lish14% for large breasts. Answers others were distributed in different ways: for someone size does not matter, and others like it at all small breasts. But many women do not believe research and continue to visit a plastic surgeon: first, from the 1st to the 2nd, and then from the 2nd to 3rd, and later to the fourth can be reached, each the size you want to try to vilify though to six months or a year. And then right from the 2nd to the 4th, faster and less costly. And most of all for the sake of both men.

Women's breasts have an important role in the sexual life between a woman and a man. Although men excite not only stimulating, but the contemplation of the female breast. The woman, in turn, gets sexual excitement, but there are deviations, when a woman such unpleasant sensations (often this happens when lactation or any mental trauma). The most sensitive are nipples that swell upon excitation, and wherein the chest increases and becomes more sensitive. It is important to know how to take care of their breasts and develop its sensitivity.

Breast Implants
Nature, unfortunately, does not perform all of our questions, but the development of modern medicine on a daily basis makes a new step into the future. Any woman can optionally change the shape and size of their breasts, including the conduct correction after childbirth and breastfeeding.

Breast Implants   - A plastic surgery on breast, at which the change in the shape and size of the breast (increase or decrease). Implants performed with small breasts from birth, with omission of the chest, with a sharp increase in breast size, correction of the areola (nipple), and in other cases.

An experienced doctor always conduct a preliminary examination and will send the patient to a number of surveys and analyzes. 1-2 weeks prior to surgery will be necessary to follow some advice: do not use hormonal contraceptives, give up cigarettes, and more. The duration of the operation - 1, 5-4 hours.

It should be noted that any of the mammoplasty have contraindications: infectious diseases and cancer, a bleeding disorder, incomplete lactation, severe internal diseases, diabetes, mental illness, too early age of the patient (not the age of 18). There is also the risk of complications after surgery: subcutaneous hematoma, scarring, inflammation.

Mammoplasty prices are very high. The cost may depend on the price of implants themselves and the level of complexity of the operation. For example, breast augmentation surgery without the cost of implants can cost you 7000 dollars and above. And the removal of existing implants - 4000 dollars. Correction of the areola - from 1, 5 to 3, 5 thousand dollars.

 Female breast - special care
 Keep the chest and your health!
How do you want that no one has ever suffered, but the fate of the earth administers their own rules. Women's Health, as well as men, are at risk of various diseases. Regarding the female breast is probable development of benign and malignant tumors. At the initial stage of medicine can overcome these tumors, but if the disease is run, there is a possibility of threat to life.

During feeding, as for any part of the body, requires meticulous care. Chest very sensitive in and of itself does not have muscles that would support her natural support is due to the elasticity of the skin. It is important to take care of the daily feeding: Shower, creams, herbal infusions, baths with aromatic oils. And do not forget the obligatory visit to the self-examination and breast physician (or gynecologist), especially since the age of 25.

To prevent cancer at an early stage, doctors recommend every month after the end of menstruation to conduct breast self-examination for the presence of seals in the mammary glands. If the seals are found, you must consult your doctor immediately and in any case, such a diagnosis is not self-medicate.

The lactation can often be observed inflammatory disease - mastitis Although occurs during pregnancy and is dependent on it and childbirth. Another pathology can become hyperplastic and dysplastic processes in the background which is not uncommon cancer develops. If a woman is not pregnant and is not in the course of lactation, and from breast milk is released or lactescent liquid, there is a possibility that this galactorrhea .

What are the reasons can cause breast disease? It is difficult to say clearly, often the emergence of a disease affects a number of factors in combination. Mammologists always pays attention to all possible conditions and causes that could be the source. This social conditions and sexual life, the work of the reproductive system, gynecological and endocrinological diseases, internal diseases, a genetic predisposition, personality traits and psychological factors.

So of any changes in the breast is an urgent need to see a doctor?
- Discharge from the nipple,
- Nipple retraction,
- Changes in breast shape,
- Skin in the breast or nipple become stretched or wrinkled,
- Strong redness on his chest,
- Seals or components.

 Female breast - special care
 Bras are different: black, white, red
Each woman pays a lot of attention to the selection of lingerie. For some, simplicity and convenience is important, for others - quality fabrics for third - style, for the fourth - to follow fashion. But, anyway, we are spending large sums to indulge in a new acquisition.

Bras have their own classification: classic, Angelica, Corby, balconette, braser, vonderbra, bras or push-up, bustiers ... But doctors argue over the question of whether all women bras. Russian scientists have called many advantages, and the US believe that this kind of underwear harms the health of the beautiful half of society. It is therefore important to choose the right bra for yourself, not just to the breast retains its shape, and stay healthy. Here are some tips:

1. Do not buy cheap synthetic underwear;
2. Pick up the correct size to the straps, buckles and "bones" are not you dug into the skin;
3. If your breast size C and D, buy a bra with straps are not more than 12 mm;
4. The fabric in the breast to be hygroscopic, i.e. absorb and change the content of moisture from the body;
5. obese women are not advised to buy a bra with the "pits", and the fasteners should be at least 3 of the hook;
6. To purchase a special sport sports underwear, pregnancy - comfortable bra made of soft material with the ability to adjust the size or option for feeding;
7. Less wear bright clothes, in which tissue often dyes added that when perspiration on the skin and enter the blood stream;
8. Never sleep in a bra and wear it more than 12 hours.
Author: Alesya Marchenko