Oh, you, teeth, my teeth!
 I have not yet met a single person who would once in my life did not feel this terrible, unbearable toothache. What prevents us to forget her? A stop us from our laziness. It is out of laziness, according to experts, we are suffering from a toothache. Just imagine that at least once in two months, you need to go to the dentist to check. Heavy, time is not always enough, and the head, or rather his jaw, grab only when poor sick tooth.

Today, I again consulted with a dentist and received a number of practical tips that contribute to the health and beauty of our thirty-two friends.

• At first If you have all the prerequisites for oral diseases, the pre-think over your time in advance to be sure it was time to visit the dental office. Prevention is always cheaper and more pleasant treatment.

• Secondly As it would not sound sad, but in reality, very few in our country oral hygiene as needed. In this regard, we probably can only envy the Americans, who are just obsessed with clean teeth. But we always have a way out. Ate - use mouthwash. Although there is a caveat. Not everyone and not everyone is suited sold conditioners. Can show such effects as: allergic reaction, feeling of tightness in the mouth and more unpleasant - is when the top layer of tissue from the surface of the cheeks and gums will depart. Alas, it happens.

Therefore, it is recommended after meals rinse the mouth with soda solution, which is taken half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water. Recipe old, but not less practical. His whole secret is that soda neutralizes the oxidative processes in the mouth. Microscopic food debris stuck usually between teeth. Over time, they are rotting, are oxidized, and get the lactic acid erodes tooth enamel. It was then, and goes to attack the very evil caries.

• Third As stated in the same advertising "Fresh Breath easier to understand." Chewing gum containing xylitol, of course, good. But there is always something else.

I suggest you try out such fresheners :

1. Back in the old-ancient times to preserve the freshness of breath and beauty teeth, used the leaves of parsley. It was enough to chew a few leaves. Do not forget that parsley has also a whitening effect.

2. Essential oils - these are our friends. A couple of drops of bergamot oil, diluted in a glass of warm water, not only freshen your breath, but also help from a quiet nagging tooth.

3. Also, do not just helped me valerian tincture in a ratio of one to one, that is, a tablespoon of valerian is a tablespoon of warm water. Undoubtedly, the strong solution is not very pleasant, but not only soothes toothache, but will protect against harmful microbes.

4. Pink - a proven remedy for toothache. It is enough to chew a clove or drip on the aching tooth a couple of drops of essential oil of cloves.

 Oh, you, teeth, my teeth!

What do the teeth for us . This is not only an opportunity to have a favorite writing as cooked and raw (vegetables, fruits, nuts). Back in the old days it was thought that if a girl thick hair, and teeth without defects (as called caries), it means that it will be a good wife and a good housewife and mother. As in the days of the Ottoman Empire, when the sale of live goods has been a natural thing, we buy slaves teeth checked, as in buying horses.

Teeth - a symbol of the vitality of the body, a symbol of youth and sexual potency. Unexpected tooth loss is a blow to the vital forces of the body, no wonder the elderly say the longer the teeth are healthy, the better health. When failure of the teeth, the body is more susceptible to gastrointestinal disease. A digestive tract, as is known, is the center of our health.

Causes of dental caries   certain it is not installed yet. Caries begins quietly, without any symptoms. At a young age, "corruption" often appears in the big first permanent molars. Therefore, dentists recommend teach children to oral hygiene in early childhood. When the first tooth in a child, we can already start to clean it is recommended to be cleaned after each feeding the baby the whole mouth. To this end, today the market offers a variety of mechanical cleaning products (napkins and fingertips soaked xylitol, silicone fingertips, gently cleanse delicate baby gums). If your baby from birth up to the school to help clean your teeth regularly (of course, many children can do it on their own and have two to three years), he has the habit of, without which he can not already live. And of course, it is parents should be a shining example for their children.

Most intensive development of caries is associated with pregnancy, which in part is due to a physiological restructuring the mother's body, the change of the endocrine glands, metabolism and calcium deficiency related to the extremely high demand for calcium to build the skeleton of the fetus.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova