Posture: about poses, comic, tragic and correct
 Do not wait, if you can sit down and never sit if you can lie down ... Is it? We will understand!

It's probably no secret that with each decade snowball growing number of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and spinal problems. Sedentary lifestyle, forced, often awkward posture throughout the day, heavy physical work - all this affects the health.

On how we are able to choose the correct posture while working, resting, reading in public transport - depends not only posture, but also the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system.

Consider the basic error in the choice of poses.

I sit on a chair ...
First of all, it should be remembered that the load on the lumbar spine in sitting 6-7 times higher than the present. It is the more, the more spin sitting resembles the letter "sic".

 Posture: about poses, comic, tragic and correct

For the army of workers table and chair (which schoolchildren and students, and office workers) is correct posture - the only way to help the spine. So, what is the correct position? We call it "No letter" sic! "

 Posture: about poses, comic, tragic and correct

Sitting, cave in the back, straighten and lower the shoulders, neck should "look" up. Initially even be uncomfortable, but if you control yourself a week or two, the body will get used and will continue posture and walking.

Pose summer resident
Of course, frozen in a known position on the beds, you are very photogenic!

 Posture: about poses, comic, tragic and correct

But it often happens that not everyone manages to straighten up! Call ambulance to the "petrified Cottagers' - not so rare. Therefore, doctors recommend planting, weeding, standing on his knees. And even better - to build for this purpose a small stool, preferably with a back. Your spine will be very happy!

 Posture: about poses, comic, tragic and correct

Pose laundress
Through washing machine fate erasing housewives significantly ease, yet we must remember that never freezes in a pose erasing women, and do not lift heavy without first sitting down. When bending forward from a standing position the pressure between the vertebrae in the lumbar spine increased by several times. And if you're doing the job for a long time in this position - it's just a mockery. What to do? Squat and organize your work area so that everything was on hand to them did not have to stretch, to bend and strain your back.

 Posture: about poses, comic, tragic and correct

And I'll go lie down, ...
The body itself will tell you the most comfortable position for sleep, because sleep uncomfortably hard. It is not advisable to sleep on your stomach - is hampered venous outflow, you can wake up with a headache and a bruised face. It is preferable to sleep on your back or in a fetal position - on one side, a small pillow between the knees will also be relevant. By the way, There is a misconception that the left side to sleep is bad for the heart. Many even believe that in this case they have a sore heart. Typically, this alarm takes the spine, not the heart!

Pose banana
And here it is - relax! Remade all the things at work and at home, we got to the couch and took the most "convenient" pose: legs extended and relaxed, chin rests on the chest and the back fell into the soft pillows ... So we read, watch TV, drive a car ... This pose a detrimental to the spine!

 Posture: about poses, comic, tragic and correct
Proper planting while driving

Yes, I want to sit back and rely on something stuck to the day back. Lean, but let this support is elastic and the spine and hips form a right angle. Or should lie - it is more physiological than the "banana position".

  Be sure to show your back doctor if:

- Work with you regularly leave with a headache;
- You feel discomfort in the chest, but the cardiologist says that the heart is in the order;
- You thought that the neck is shorter;
- It seems that the shoulders are at different heights;
- You begin to notice that all the time, keep your head to the side;
- Sitting at the table, you will struggle to find a comfortable position.

For beautiful ladies posture is important, especially for health, because it affects the operation of all organs, blood circulation in general and in the legs. Such disease as varicose veins, alas, younger every year. In addition, the correct posture to avoid premature wrinkles on the neck, décolleté and sagging breasts.

This material is written by me on the basis of lectures trauma surgeon, I visited while on holiday in the resort. And the slides shown during the lecture, immediately comes to mind as soon as the shaped as letters "sic" hints at their presence.
Author: Galina Kruglik