An unusual occasion to talk about Cate Blanchett and Japanese cosmetics SK-II.
 The Australian actress, being the face of the brand, and it is a charitable program to provide the needs of Asia in clean water. The motto of the program on the Internet, "Just one click - a liter of clean water to Asia." Talking about the brand and its Asian project, Cate Blanchett shares his thoughts about beauty, skin care and why she chooses care line SK-II.

The project is called SK-II Clear for Life. By accessing the company's website as well as on his page on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, each visitor can help Asia, by simply clicking on a particular banner. Each click adds to the charity project 1 liter of clean water. The counter shows how many people have joined the program to their click.

  Cate Blanchett is the face not only of the Japanese cosmetics brand SK-II, but also its design Clear for Life. Announcing the project, Kate answered a few questions of a beauty-portals.

 An unusual occasion to talk about Cate Blanchett and Japanese cosmetics SK-II.

Why do you support the project Clear for Life?
I grew up in Australia, lived in areas where drought and water shortages are familiar not by hearsay. In addition, SK-II - Japanese brand, and I am pleased it is supporting, to express their solidarity with all the Japanese, the country which suffered a terrible disaster.

Have you been to Asia?
Australia - part of Oceania, it's close to the Asian region. In addition, the many years I lived in Saigon (Vietnam), Singapore and elsewhere in Asia. For me Asia - it's always a kind of a cultural reference point.

Do you fit the Asian approach to beauty?
I share their desire to have a pale face. Even as a child I was the "black sheep". When most like to sunbathe, I was "flashed" for its natural pallor. Perhaps the only tourists from Ireland were so. When I started to work with SK-II, I immediately offered products for skin whitening. After all, I was obsessed with pallor, constantly wearing an umbrella with him, even on the set. For my role, I just had to keep my pallor.

How else you are saved from the sun?
I use moisturizer Protection SPF 25 UV from SK-II and every day cream Cellumination Cream. In the sun I use sunscreen ColorScience. Also like sunscreen Invisible Zinc, its release in the form of a small stick, and so he is always with me, I hung it on a key chain. It is well protected from the sun and completely invisible!

 An unusual occasion to talk about Cate Blanchett and Japanese cosmetics SK-II.
Facial Treatment UV Protection. This cream provides protection from the majority of UV-rays (UVA, UVB). Filter SPF 25. Makes the skin fresh and moisturized, rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals, organic acids, odorless and color. Cream Cellumination. It gives the skin radiance and hydration, with the light reflection of light. It smooths the signs of aging and enriches the skin.

What about makeup?
I gradually learned this art. At first, when I myself apply makeup, it was awful. But now me something fails in visage. I never leave home without liquid eyeliner from MAC and lipstick NARS. The most favorite shade of lipstick Edward Bess. My relationship with red lipstick add up very difficult, not always successfully, but here to help NARS, releasing red lipstick on the blue substrate and on my lips, she looks flawless.

What is the best beauty secret, you discover lately?
An excellent advice I recently gave Judi Dench (Judi Dench). It was right on the set. It was very hot and my hands became red, swollen veins covered, so many people there. She advised me to just over 5 minutes to hold your hands up. Blood moves away from hands, it "works". And in the scene, I was convincing.

What is your role has been most detrimental to your skin?
Probably, Benjamin Button. There I must be very heavy make-up for hours. On his deathbed, I was supposed to look like 86 years old, it needed a lot of makeup. After such an "attack" on the skin mask saves me from SK-II. It is very soft, almost therapeutic and very soothing. Perfectly moisturizes and eliminates any irritation.

 An unusual occasion to talk about Cate Blanchett and Japanese cosmetics SK-II.
 Mask SK-II. It provides intense hydration, enriches the skin with vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids.

Photo from SK-II.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin