Beauty Secrets of Anne Hathaway
 Anne Hathaway is always gorgeous and fresh. The owner of a porcelain face, shiny black hair and huge brown eyes always attracted the eyes. How she manages to achieve perfection? How to achieve the same result? According to Anne, the secret of beauty - a healthy diet and high-quality cosmetics. The truth is simple as ABC!

What to eat?

Instead of dealing with the consequences of pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs Anne just do not let them in your diet by eating natural and healthy products.

Anne is a vegetarian. She's in a lot of eating fruits and vegetables, and its favorite ingredient - jalapeno sauce (variety of pepper). Without it, she can not imagine your diet. As she says, he was all delicious. Anne Hathaway favorite foods - broccoli. But the sweet and starchy foods Star strictly abstains.

And, most importantly, Ann believes that all purely individual. We need to understand what foods are good for you, and what - no. If someone eats or does not eat meat, it does not mean that you have to adhere to the same.

Before going to bed Anne Hathaway sure to drink two tablespoons of olive oil (cold pressed necessarily!), Which clears the body of toxins and improve skin.

 Beauty Secrets of Anne Hathaway

And a little bit of sports!

Anne once admitted that she is inclined to completeness. Therefore, a healthy diet alone is not enough. She regularly goes in for sports. Most of all she loves to run, but is also engaged in dancing and in the gym in the gym. Every day she is takes about 45 minutes. Not so much, but the result on the face!


• Another secret of radiant complexion - the sauna, due to which there is a deep cleansing of the skin.

• Beautician Ann encourages her to do a scrub of lemon juice and oatmeal. It perfectly cleanses the skin, promotes its renewal.

 Beauty Secrets of Anne Hathaway

Components beauty Anne Hathaway:

• Bright huge eyes. In order to focus on them, Anne Hathaway does a little eyeliner on the inner eyelid and the already intense - at the outer corner and the lower and upper eyelid. In the inner corner and under the eyebrows are light shadows, giving the appearance of a light shine.

• Eyebrows. Thick and wide enough. It - it zest. It uses a soft eyebrow pencil, but not black, and dark brown - so eyebrows look more natural and softer.

• Excellent flavor. Anne - the face of perfume Lancôme Magnifique.

 Beauty Secrets of Anne Hathaway

Look into the makeup!

That means that distinguish Anne and create her style:

• Red Lipstick Maybelline Color Sensational Pleasure Me Red Lipstick. Dark red color - her favorite. And he told her, of course, there is! He is perfect in combination with its delicate complexion and dark hair. If you are the happy owner of a similar type of appearance - take to arms!

• After a nice way of Ann "The Princess Diaries" in the film "The Devil Wears Prada» creates a new image brought her recognition fashionistas. To emphasize eye makeup artists used cosmetics actress Blinc. Anne particular liking liquid eyeliner.

• Mascara for the eyes - only Lancôme Hypnôse! Its mild formulation provides cilia volume separately.

• Beautiful light cognac shade without clearly defined nacre.

• Sunscreens La Roche Posay. To save as much as possible creamy skin, it must be protected. Ann chooses the strongest sunscreens lean structure, ideal for use under makeup.

• Tone Cream Chanel Vitalumière Satin Smoothing Makeup SPF 15. It's also the perfect skin hydration. The image obtained with fresh and natural, without excessive styling.

• A bit of blush. Anne prefers Shu Uemura Glow On Pink 30.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya