Heidi Klum: Family and Career
 Model - an incredibly popular professions in modern girls. Many models are fully paid work, family and delaying childbearing until later in the belief that with the birth of a child will have to forget about a career. Heidi Klum by example refute these stereotypes. She - my mother of four children, while maintaining its status as one of the most successful and highest-paid models in the world.

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Brilliant Career
Heidi Klum made her first steps in the modeling industry in the early 90s. World fame came to Heidi Klum in 1998 when her photo was printed in a bathing suit on the cover of US magazine Sports Illustrated. In the US this is a very popular magazine, its circulation reached 20 million copies. Heidi Klum also appeared on the covers of fashion magazines Vogue, ELLE, and others.

It is worth noting that Heidi never belonged to a group of models, which go on the podium during the big fashion shows. Despite this career she develops extremely well. Heidi Klum collaborates with such famous brands as Volkswagen, McDonald's, Diet Coke, LG. Touts shoe brand, hair styling, new car models.

Under his own name Heidi Klum produces sweets, jewelery, clothes, perfumes. And she said at the television in his native Germany as the leading projects of the fashion and modeling industry.

Work Heidi Klum highly paid. For example, according to the US magazine Forbs, 2009 Heidi Klum has earned $ 16 million - a significant contribution to the family budget. In the ranking the highest paid models in the world Heidi Klum confidently holds the second position, second only to Gisele Bundchen, who in 2009 managed to earn $ 25 million.

 Heidi Klum: Family and Career
 Love Story
In the past, Heidi Klum was married to a famous stylist in the fashion world Pepin Rico and then a torrid romance with the manager of Formula 1 Flavio Briatore, a very wealthy man. Heidi Klum met with British singer Shiloh black when waiting for child from Flavio Briatore. However, his father had to leave her little girl, Heidi did not want to forgive his infidelity. New friend tenderly cared Forces pregnant Heidi kept her in a difficult period of life.

It is not surprising that soon Heidi Klum married to force the marriage took place May 10, 2005. Force was a man of noble, he adopted a girl, Heidi, and refers to her as a mother to the child. Soon the couple had two sons - Henry and Johan. In 2009, Heidi gave birth to a daughter, a girl named Lou Sulola Samuel.

 Heidi Klum: Family and Career
 Full name Strength is: Forces Olisegun Olyumide Henry Samuel. After the birth of the fourth child Heidi changed her passport and took her husband's name, she is now Mrs. Samuel. Use a new name in the Heidi has no plans, as it will bring a lot of inconvenience. To my colleagues from the fashion business for many fans it will remain Heidi Klum.

"My husband - the man of whom I had dreamed all his life and who was afraid and did not find" - says Heidi Klum about her husband.

The Marrying Man
The family of the supermodel Heidi Klum and singer Strength for several years there is a tradition: every wedding anniversary of the couple say especially, they repeat the wedding ceremony and again swear to each other in love and faithfulness. In 2010, five years of marriage the couple pointed star in a circle of family and closest people who were invited to his home on the ocean coast in Mexico.

At a ceremony attended by about 80 guests. Heidi was on the snow-white wedding dress on the Force - a strict black tuxedo. Guests also adhere to a dress code: the women were in bright costumes and men dressed in black. Place of celebration was decorated with white flowers.

After the ceremony the happy couple arranged for relatives welcome the fresh air. The owners were treated to delicious food and guests were entertained by singing karaoke. By the way, the design of the invitations turned out quite original. Invitations have been issued in the form of a wedding cake on a brush which were posted photos of "Suite" and their children.

Happy husband Forces commented on what is happening to the media: "Each year we are again entering a marriage with Heidi. We organize a celebration for our family, but the best part of the day - when we are on an hour the whole family go to the beach, where there are sunset and say how much we love each other. This magical moments! "

 Heidi Klum: Family and Career
 It is not an angel
Victoria's Secret - the famous American manufacturer of underwear. Each year, the company encouraged its buyers not only new collections of beautiful and seductive lingerie and enchanting show display. On the podium go "angelsĀ» Victoria's Secret - known models, which have a lucrative advertising contract and represent the fashion brand. For 13 years, Heidi Klum was one of the "angels". Each year, she went to the podium and showed luxurious lingerie.

In 2009, Heidi Klum just a few weeks after the birth of their fourth child again took part in the show Victoria's Secret. Then it was a great surprise to many, since it was unknown whether the model will be able to quickly find a good physical shape after the next delivery. Skip Heidi Klum catwalk during the show a little disappointed its fans. It was obvious that in such a short period of time she was unable to return to the previous settings. Designers Victoria's Secret are literally draped her body to hide the imperfections of the once perfect figure model.

In 2010, on the eve of the traditional Victoria's Secret show Heidi Klum has officially announced its decision to terminate the contract with a famous brand. "All good things come to an end. I will always love Victoria's Secret. It was an amazing time, "- commented on his decision to Heidi Klum media representatives.

 Heidi Klum: Family and Career
 13 years of cooperation resulted, but the very model Heidi Klum's career did not end there. Fans of the model will be able to see it in various advertising campaigns.

Heidi Klum has proven that for her slim figure and flawless brilliant career - not the most important thing in life. Life for her is great value and is in the first place. However, Heidi Klum manages to successfully combine and then, and more.
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova