Jia Skov: the beauty of the Volga region, conquered Hollywood
 This blonde beauty with unparalleled figure known in America under the sonorous pseudonym Jia Skov (Gia Skova). However, few people know that in fact, Jia - our, Russian girl from Saratov, whose real name is - Gulya Skovorodino. The winner of the contest "Beauty of the Volga region", in 2012 she moved to the US to pursue a career model and actress. Jia gave an exclusive interview for the readers of the site myCharm.ru, which shared her beauty secrets.

Jia, many young girls dream of becoming models. However, even if the necessary physical qualities, become popular and successful one. What is needed for success in the modeling industry?

I think the crazy performance and luck.

When you moved from Russia to the USA, if you feel that now you need somehow different dress and do a makeover? What is the difference from the Russians in the American sense of self-care, use cosmetics, clothing?

In America, your clothing style. More precisely, I would say that it do not exist. The so-called casual around. But I believe that the girl in any situation should look like and stay as a girl. Once one of the shows Geordie Armani said: "To be an elegant do not eyes to throw, it means - to cut into the memory." I fully share his opinion.

Please name some beauty products that are your mush have.

Skinceutical b12

Your favorite perfume?


 Jia Skov: the beauty of the Volga region, conquered Hollywood

Do you use the so-called People's cosmetics, such as masks, made from food in the refrigerator?

A piece of ice from the daisies - is something that can transform a person. And, of course, the traditional cucumber and strawberry mask.

Your remarkable figure - it is genetics or heavy daily
labor? How do you maintain your fitness? What type of fitness
do you prefer?

I was lucky with the figure, thanks to my mother, but I'm still in fitness regularly. This is the best way to keep in shape and health.

Have restrict your diet? How often do you happen
such that much want to try for a meal, but you refuse
for the sake of it figure?

No, I eat everything. If I do something like eat, I do not deny myself this pleasure. I recently night longed ice cream, delivered straight to your home.

 Jia Skov: the beauty of the Volga region, conquered Hollywood

You luxurious long hair. What are your favorite tools for
Hair? How to care for the tips so they do not dry and are not

I like the brand Eva. There is a tremendous means that the hair always wet and shiny. I feel renewed after each use.

In The News wrote that you insure your hair in a million
dollars. What is the reason of such an act?

Filming. My contract stipulates that I have no right to change the natural hair color, haircut or perm do. In addition, in the new film are many dangerous scenes with fire. If my hair something happens, then I will receive compensation. Risk can be used only if you get a million.

Jia, if you turned out to be completely free day, how do you spend it?

Before, I would have said that will go to the ocean. But now I'd like to go skiing. I miss the snow. I am still a Russian girl.

 Jia Skov: the beauty of the Volga region, conquered Hollywood

Thank you for your answers!
Author: Anna Shustrova