News of fitness and recognizing the stars
 While experts loudly arguing about what fitness is best to help get rid of extra kilos, as should be dealt with and what diet to follow, we invite you to learn about the latest researches of scientists in the field of weight loss and fitness, as well as read the recognition of well-known Ukrainian and Russian singer Anna Sedokova.

For ideal figure quite 7 minutes a day!

Experts College of Sports Medicine (USA) stated that in order to achieve the ideal figure is enough to do fitness just 7 minutes a day. There are 12 basic exercises that are most effective and ideal for such a regime activities.

Experts promise that the results can be achieved in the shortest possible time. Twelve exercises, which will be discussed below, laconic, but very intense. Therein lies their effectiveness. On performance of each is enough to spend 30-60 seconds.

The first program took place in the jumping, the second - crouching near the wall, and the third - the good old push-ups (difficult exercise, to be honest).

The fourth place is occupied by exercises for the press, the fifth - the now popular step. SIX squats are for the whole body, the seventh - squat back to the chair.

On the eighth line plank, the ninth - running in place. Tenth place is taken by the attacks, the eleventh - push-ups with a turn. On the twelfth place was the side bar.

Many of these exercises influence over the entire body. Some are very effective for the press (Down with the belly!) And strengthening the muscles in the arms and legs.

 News of fitness and recognizing the stars

Anna Sedokova: "No diet - only fitness! "

In one of his interviews, the former lead singer of the cult band "VIA Gra" Anna Sedokova shared with the publication Starhit their bad experience weight loss and advise what to do to anyone who wants to get rid of the extra kilos.

After the birth of his daughter Monica, Anna gained 7 kgs. With excess weight it was urgent to do something, because after a few months Sedokova planned to participate in a television show. Show off your extra kilos Anna simply could not. As they say, these do not take into astronauts.

The singer turned to the popular Hollywood dietitian whose name for obvious reasons, is not called. The specialist made diet, "prescribing" Anna porridge, soup, salads. Added to the diet of a ban on the weighing. Nutritionist promised star stunning result, and it was true. Strict adherence carbohydrate diet led to that Sedokova not only lost weight, but recovered ... and a half kilograms. Anna immediately refused the diet and made a bid for fitness, exercise doubling. Only then the excess weight is gone, and Anya was able to realize their creative plans.

That suggests that the star from my own experience: "As you know, the more I do not believe any diet and dietetics, relying on common sense, which says - just a sport and a healthy lifestyle will help" to disperse the fat. " All those wishing to lose weight suggest the following:
- Do exercises in the morning - 20 minutes is enough to make stretching exercises, poprisedat, take douche; Believe me, this is a gorgeous gift for your health;
- Runs a few kilometers a day;
- Swing the press;
- Try different programs - choose the one that will appeal to;
- Participate regularly - do not find excuses;
- Do not spare themselves in the classroom - Take better reflected in the mirror!

"In Los Angeles, where I live, I have been actively practicing" hiking "- adds Sedokova. - "Just choose a mountain canyon, wear shoes and walk up the hill. It is very hard and effectively. If there is no mountain, go up the stairs. This enormous expenditure of energy and natural pumping muscles - even better than in the gym. "

 News of fitness and recognizing the stars

Anna Sedokova Jennifer Lopez

And complements the correct breathing!

The unique program of breathing, known as the Body flex, allowing lose weight without resorting to the diet. Suffice it to breathe - and the extra weight will disappear as if it never happened. Weight loss is achieved through aerobic effect. Since oxygen effectively burns fat, extra weight is simply burned.

If you want to lose weight, you need at least 15 minutes a day to perform a set of simple exercises, which consists of four stages:
- One - breath;
- The second - 3 small dovdoha;
- The third - an exhalation;
- The fourth - 3 small dovydoha.

After inhaling the blood is enriched with oxygen. The level of carbon dioxide in the muscle tension increases. The body sends blood to the muscles, allowing you to burn fat in problem areas. And what we need!

Author: Marina Tumovskaya