Secrets of Evangeline Lilly
 The actress, who became famous for his role as Kate in the series "Lost» (Lost), has breathed new ideas and brought his power to already become a stable system of Hollywood stars. How do you stay in such wonderful shape, always be in a good frame of mind and a genuine interest on the part of the male population?

Answers to these questions can be found in the interview with this wonderful woman!

How could you be so graceful, even during the shooting in the jungle?

EL .: Many people tell me that I have to love the whole world with its glamorous red carpet, but so far it did not hurt so much. However, after that it was on the set - I was dressed in dirty clothes and hair was not quite neat, I like the simple freshness. If the producers wanted me to look sexy even in rags, it was my job - to create the image of a sexy girl.

Which of the items of clothing do you prefer?

EL .: I love the bright shoes. Can wearing open sandals or closed shoes, the main thing - to be original!

You difficult to match the fashion trends as a celebrity?

EL .: In my opinion, no. My mother - a perfect example to follow, she taught me how to apply makeup, instilled in me a certain sense of style and taste orientation. When I was in university, she loved dressing for Halloween, and everyday life wore T-shirts and jeans.

Whose style you might call perfect?

EL .: If I had to bind his own style with someone else, then I would say that it is as quirky as the image of Diane Keaton.

Do you consider yourself to be shy people?

EL .: When I'm alone with myself, that I do not pay attention to the waist, make-up. But when you show up among the people, the discomfort over the appearance is always there. Most afraid appear on television in panties and bra.

Do you really give up "sex scenes"?

EL .: You know, I do not have anything against the natural instincts, but that fact does not mean that I have to be naked on the screen with six men! I always discussed with the producer too explicit scenes involving my part and from which I refused.

How do you feel about his position on the list of the sexiest women in the world?

EL .: I think it's ridiculous! I do not arouse passion - I play the role and not show himself, and only heroine.

Do you have enough male attention?

EL .: I think that now men look at me with greater caution than in his student years. Many of them say "it popular star, I do not fit her status! "

Do you like your appearance?

EL .: On the star performed some pressure to stay slim and graceful, but I have a small disadvantage - bristling ears.

 Secrets of Evangeline Lilly
 What do you feel when you see yourself on the screen?

EL .: I am now at the stage of development, we're always dissatisfied with their appearance on the screen. I am very self-critical in this regard, I always think that at this point I'm fat, in fact - is ugly and horrible! This allows me to grow up and not remain at the same level.

How do you keep a perfect figure?

EL .: I love an active lifestyle, doing jogging, pilates, yoga, dancing. Recently I learned to scuba dive and ride the surf.

How do you relax?

EL .: I love to read, draw and write poetry. I write something like poetry, prose, novels, scripts. E-mail prefer classical letters in envelopes.