Sophie Marceau: smile will brighten all
 Women around the world tirelessly looking for a formula of eternal youth and beauty. They want to be beautiful, regardless of age and fatigue. Not surprisingly, some of the fair sex is still possible. Today we talk about the beauty secrets of the famous French actress Sophie Marceau.

Noble beauty

Noble Beauty "with chertinkoy" - so you can describe the appearance of French actress Sophie Marceau. Even as a little edgy teenager, she won many hearts and has become a sex symbol.

Actress Born in France in 1966, in the small town of Gentilly, and in 14 years it was noticed by the famous director Claude Pinoteau, without hesitation and adopt young talent once the lead role in the romantic comedy "boom", film about first love. After the release of this film, nee Sophie Danielle Sylvie Maupeou woke up famous. There was a day when she did not return from a walk home with armfuls of flowers from fans! With the release of the film actress entered into adult life and the star changed its name, becoming Sophie Marceau.

 Sophie Marceau: smile will brighten all

But in addition to acting talent, Sophie Marceau wins and his extraordinary, refined and bright appearance. Let's reveal the secrets of the beauty of the French actress.


Sophie Marceau, a woman, following the main rule: do not need to paint the beauty and emphasize. You will not see a bright makeup and calling Sophie Marceau, but looking at her almond-shaped eyes always remember expressive eyes. The actress has repeatedly admitted that in everyday life practically does not use decorative cosmetics. In her purse it is, perhaps, the only light pink blush to help refresh the face, and two lip glosses: caramel and cream shades. Lipstick no fan of the actress, as well, and powder and tonal resources.

 Sophie Marceau: smile will brighten all

Everyday Sophie Marceau enjoys a translucent matte beige foundation, and the output uses dot foundation, using a masking minor imperfections, but never putting on his face. Also, the output Sophie Marceau can emphasize the eyes with black pencil Eye and eyelashes black make up, extension and increasing the amount of ink.


Sophie Marceau never resorted to plastic surgery, and is not a fan of trips to the beautician and spa treatments. Despite this, her skin, face and figure look great! What is the secret? Perfect skin Sophie Marco owes much olive oil. Every evening the actress washing his face ordinary soap and massage movements applied to the skin olive oil, leaves it to soak into the skin, after removing the excess with a paper towel. Butter nourishes the skin with vitamins and makes it more elastic and helps keep youth.

Despite the love for natural remedies, Sophie Marceau does not reject's Skin creams known companies, but they must include in its composition natural ingredients.

 Sophie Marceau: smile will brighten all


And, of course, it is impossible not to draw attention to a slim figure Sophie Marceau! It seems that the actress spends in the gym a lot of hours and pace yourself diets. But it is not. Sophie Marceau many times recognized that the majority of sports for her proved boring, and popular among the other stars of jogging and swimming are not liked. However, every morning it begins with a slight charge, which helps recharge your batteries for the day, as well as keeping in tone your abs and thighs.

 Sophie Marceau: smile will brighten all

As for diet, Sophie Marceau is not sitting on them: its diet consists mainly of fruits and vegetables as well as fish and seafood, but the meat of it has long refused. As well as snacking on a candy, chips, snacks and other hazards.

And finally - the most important secret of the beauty of Mars. When the actress asked about the main secret of its appeal, it is not thinking always answers: "Smile! ". And it is difficult to argue!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya