The beauty and style of Jennifer Lopez. Part 1
 It's amazing how this wonderful actress and singer manages to stay in such great shape. Below we explain that says about itself J. Lo.

What can you say about your daily care?

JL .: Like any woman, I take care of their beauty. However, I have no special tricks and gimmicks - just a little moisturizer daily and hair conditioner.

What are you doing in the first place in the morning?

JL .: First I take a shower, to feel cheerful. Then use moisturizers - a lot of them among my makeup.

How do you preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin?

JL .: First of all - it's constant care, which includes UV protection and moisturizing. In addition, I try to use the minimum amount of makeup, it makes the image more natural.

What a thing is necessarily in your purse?

JL .: lip gloss, mascara, perfume and moisturizer. And, yes, I confess: I really like bronzers.

How do you keep yourself in good shape? You do every day?

JL .: I have my own coach, which offers a set of exercises and I attend yoga classes. Before, I was heavier than in the classroom - now I am able to achieve harmony of body and spirit, I feel great and lead an active lifestyle. When she was younger, she danced and tennis. However, I have no fanaticism, so everything in moderation.

How do you force yourself to do?

JL .: The fact that I have such a figure, which suggests enhanced training. I understand that without exercise quickly gathering a weight and lose shape. It makes me train hard. I like my body but sometimes feel uncomfortable, considering that a little plump.

A few words about your diet?

JL .: I try to control what I'm eating. I know that has a positive effect on my body, and that - no. If I have an urgent need to lose weight, stop using carbohydrates for a while.

There is something that does not suit you in your body?

JL .: I am not quite satisfied with my skinny ankles. At the same time hip deliver a lot of trouble, like most women.
To be continued…