The secret charm of the most famous blonde of the twentieth century
 In the first half of the twentieth century in the film industry, a new star, which soon was able to conquer the public and mysterious feminine traits. It was a girl, brought up in an orphanage at first, and then - in a foster family, which is found only in the happiness and the meaning of her life was the improvement of the scenic image. Real name of the girl - Norma Jean Morteson, but everyone knows it under the name Marilyn Monroe.

On the creation of this very unique image of blonde Marilyn over a fairly long period of time worked hairdressers, plastic surgeons, dentists and, of course, she was. Ongoing work on yourself - that's the secret that helped her reach the dizzying success. And this work was not only in the daily makeup application and improvement of acting. Norma also worked on the production of correct speech, over flexible plastics and pantomime, and that it is important to create a special smile that became her hallmark, the original card.

 The secret charm of the most famous blonde of the twentieth century
   Indeed, in aktёrstve as in modeling (that started the career of a future star) needed something to distinguish himself, to be remembered.

Naturally, in order to devote as much time and effort to the exterior, to be a serious stimulus. Most likely, a special driver for Marilyn was the main goal in life - to fulfill your potential and achieve success.

But despite a successful career and enthusiastic views of spectators, Marilyn (Norma) has never had a real happiness. Neither the foster mother or husband, or the famous lovers were unable to give her the most important thing to aspire to every woman - love, warmth, understanding, feeling the comfort of the family. That is why the film set for Marilyn became the only place where she felt that people need, and for the audience she was ready for any sacrifice.

Were Marilyn and its unique features. For example, many girls like to relieve stress with the help of shopping therapy. Characteristically it was for this famous actress. This Monroe chooses outfits, relying only on your own taste, and in many cases, she bought everything that was trying. But Marilyn gave preference to pay, because they are, in its opinion, can give the image of femininity and naturalness. Indeed, as seen in the photographs, in dresses, she looked quite elegant and simple, and this simplicity makes men do not take from her eyes.

 The secret charm of the most famous blonde of the twentieth century

Last Monroe's husband also spoke of her habits, which to some may seem eccentric. For example, in his spare time, he said, Marilyn could not sleep until lunch, walk around the house naked, all day long soak in the bed in the "company" with a few bottles of champagne and hot chocolate, or chatting on the phone for hours. But we "accept and love" their idols with all their eccentricities.

Secrecy "highlight" Monroe became her natural make-up (which, as has been said, it created its own). Nowadays, thanks to advances in computer graphics and cosmetology managed to lift the curtain of mystery and "guess" what exactly helped the famous Miss Monroe look completely.

The main thing in the right make-up (as we are assured stylists and makeup artists) - basis. It is therefore important to monitor the condition of the skin and be able to correct or conceal the existing shortcomings. Marilyn had their own ways to achieve the desired effect: the use of olive oil to protect the skin, moisturizer, face multiple rinsing with cold water (to narrow pores), the use of petroleum jelly, a special cream and powder to give skin shine and radiance.

 The secret charm of the most famous blonde of the twentieth century
 With the help of makeup, false eyelashes and sometimes special experimental Marilyn taught himself to emphasize the desired traits do look radiant and expressive, and her lips - more voluminous.

Someone might say that the image of Marilyn Monroe was artificially created, and by nature it has never been sexy blonde. But, nevertheless, this image - the fruit of her imagination and effort that has helped her through a difficult path from the usual girl with a lot of drawbacks to the famous actress with the perfect type of appearance. And this work is for the sake of the public deserves some respect.
Author: Alla Pilipenko