Who's afraid of creative director
 "If you do not like something, just say so. You leave me no freedom! ". The trendy kingdom there is only one person who allows himself to object as the chief editor of Vogue - the creative director Grace Coddington publication.

"Barometer" of taste

In English, the word means to create - "create, create." Creative director in the fashion magazine - "barometer" and legislator of taste and style, the developer of creative projects, people are able to show the emotional, sensual side of fashion. There are no random people or weak. We must be very strong to withstand the fashion business, and create your own formula for success, failing to reach the top.

Create new ideas, to be able to predict fashion trends and always be in the shadow of the chief editor. Many people can not tolerate stress, stiffness and fail, go. Who knew about this profession before the "September issue"? Perhaps only narrow specialists from the world of fashion. Who knows about it now? Probably everyone who has ever picked up a fashion magazine.

 Who's afraid of creative director

Writing in the labor force

Had Grace Coddington employment history, there probably would be only one entry - director of creative development. It can be called using kantselyarizmom, unique and exactly the happiest profession. Talent, intelligence and binding sense of style - the indispensable terms for such work.

"September Issue" was released after the film about the devil in Prada. The story of fashion through the looking glass, and the mysteries of the creation of "Fashion Bible" made a star of Grace Coddington no less popular than Anna Wintour.

Grace creative, experienced, communicative and quite similar to the "iron" Anna. She - a lively, humorous and romanticism, stubbornness and vain to guess the fashion trend. The red-haired assistant frozen Wintour began to learn on the streets and to stick with autographs. People are always quick to respond to independence. No employee dares to argue with the boss, and Grace is always done and I'm sure will continue to do.

 Who's afraid of creative director

Formula creative success

Grace read Vogue as a teenager. Looking at her photos unlike girls from other life, dreaming and admire bright images, she adored Audrey Hepbern and sought to her life was as sparkling and successful, as in the photo.

 Who's afraid of creative director

They say impossible - this is what bad dream. Any dream - this movement. His dream move to the monastery school pupil in Wales beginning with the creative idea - to take part in the competition announced by the magazine's favorite. Promotion to the dream began. Then, successfully continued victory in the competition and accurately hit the top ten most popular models. Stop it could even the car accident, it has decreased significantly for Grace Coddington number of kilometers traveled on the podium.

 Who's afraid of creative director

Perseverance is still the main component of the formula for success creative director of the best fashion magazine.

Idea's generator

The accident robbed Grace the opportunity to act as a model, but she could not get her to leave the world of fashion. Talented and ambitious Koddigton continues to create their own path of success. She was very much like to do. For example, it still helps to dress the models, rather than relying on assistants.

 Who's afraid of creative director

Lovely photographer Norman Parkinson taught the girl not to close their eyes and "look sharp" always and everywhere - on the street, in the subway, in the car. Do not sleep on the train to see the window that can inspire and greatly surprise. Redhead "ideas generator" is always looking for a suitable subject for shooting. Inspiration can come as a revelation, even when looking at the children's book. And then it turns out a fantastic story with Natalia Vodianova in the scenery of the "Alice" or pastiche in the style of the 20s. She comes up with a story for the girls, what they do, how to move, thinks the game. Grace "sees" the idea and always hopes that the magazine is to be as expressive as her imagination.

 Who's afraid of creative director

Surprise, convince

Grace, no doubt, an excellent stylist. She has no equal in the ability to organize the survey, make a beautiful shot, to come up with a romantic plot. It is - excellent. Fashion to her as acting. She convinces the viewer-reader that the magazine he saw the most wonderful things about what could only dream of. She's great at surprise, to conquer, to convince.

Anna Wintour - the authority of the fashion world unquestioned. If she said, "No, do not go! "- The verdict is final and want to argue in" glamorous insect "is not. Restrained icy tone chief editor hypnotic effect on employees. In all but the highest lady in black with a mop of flaming hair. It is allowed only to exclaim: "How could she remove pictures? I really like them. I they would not take away. I am in life nothing crazier heard! "

 Who's afraid of creative director

"Nuclear winter"? Not fear!

In his acclaimed memoir "Grace: A Memoir"   Coddington wrote: "Strangely enough, I (Grace) had no idea how am picky and stubborn in defending their views, yet did not look" The September Issue ".

 Who's afraid of creative director

Grace learned not just object to the all-powerful Anna Wintour, and argue aggressively defend their point of view.

They, along with Anna came to work in American Vogue. The years spent together, taught them to understand each other. "I know her stubbornness, she knows mine. I know when you can not put pressure on her, but she does not know, when you can not put pressure on me "   - Grace said, smiling.

 Who's afraid of creative director

The main intrigue

Grace is absolutely indispensable to his office. Endlessly talented and strong, right hand "Iron Lady" of gloss, incredibly ironic and immediacy. It is obvious that values ​​the contribution of Anna Wintour and Grace talent, her passionate devotion. "I do not believe that I have the same gift to guess the trends in fashion, like Grace. Grace is brilliant. No one can better visualize the picture, to capture trends, to make a unique picture. It is unique. We do not always agree but I think over the years we have learned to deal with it "   - Says Anna.

Afraid you Wintour his omnipotent creative director? Hardly. Respects and values ​​her opinion? Undoubtedly. Otherwise, there will never be infamous Kardashian on the cover of the prestigious fashion magazine in April.

 Who's afraid of creative director

Hashtag - "The most-discussed-couple-in-the world" - and sover story rapper and activist reality show made a lot of noise, and caused a lot of negative comments about the "decline trims Vogue». ONAKO idea of ​​a wedding photo shoot couple belonged to the creative director of the fashion publication - Grace Coddington.

For the April issue needed a fancy wedding. And much much more creative marriage of Kim and Kanye? The couple has created a buzz around the upcoming event, the idea to take them along with the baby North came up with the lovers treat people in everyday life.

Anna suggested to remove someone like them, but the creative nature of Grace immediately proved itself. I thought, "Well, why not remove them? It's Vogue », - so explained Coddington appearance of Kanye and Kim on the cover. Moreover, the magazine is obliged to draw the attention and to begin with, that I want to read immediately.

Of course, Anna Wintour knows her creative director fascinated by people who see in the subway. And Kim Kardashian, Grace said, "symbolizes the modern period of our culture, which I see on the street."

Grace is not afraid of creative ideas, and Wintour allows her to take risks and to dream.

 Who's afraid of creative director

Author: Irina Dubrovin