5 Secrets to perm last longer
 Make perm pretty easy. For this purpose, we have a lot of money: curlers, tongs, clips and even iron is ... But how to make the curls last longer? One hairspray can not hold curl resistant.

There are 5 secrets that will help you with this:

 5 Secrets to perm last longer

1. Clean hair hold curl longer. Do perm always washed hair. If your hair is clean enough - you can use a dry shampoo, apply it to the roots.

2. Smooth hair barely hold a curl. Therefore, do not use air conditioning and too heavy conditioners. Good for too smooth hair - texturing agent.

3. Choose the right tool for curling. The smaller the diameter of the rollers or tongs, the steeper turns curl. Such a lock lasts much longer than the largest and relaxed. Use ceramic tongs and only high-quality rollers. And be sure to dry the hair completely before removing the curlers.

4. Do not comb the curls. After removing the curlers or tongs, flatten your hair with your fingers, do not use a comb.

5. No touching! After completion of the curling locks put on hairspray strong hold, and did not touch the hair. Unnecessary touching destroy curl.
Author: Julia Gnedina