Beach wave on the hair: do yourself
 Relaxed curls look sexy and attractive. In the summer they are easily achieved dip in the salty sea and the natural drying in the sun. And what about those who have not yet departed on vacation in warmer climes? There is a very simple way - texturizing spray. And to make it very easy.

 Beach wave on the hair: do yourself

Step 1. Take an empty, clean bottle with a spray cap, fill with water (200-250 ml).
Step 2. Add the water 2 heaping tablespoons of sea salt. Shake to mix. You can use organic rock salt (no cookbook!)
STEP 3. Add in the salt solution of 1 teaspoon of your favorite hair gel. Again shake. Gel will give your hair more texture.
Step 4. Apply the resulting spray on a very wet or damp hair. Do not comb your hair after that! You can only spread the fingers if necessary. It is better to dry naturally. In the process of drying hair crease to create a wavy texture.

Author: Julia Gnedina