Five reasons to exfoliate
 Cosmetologists argue how often you can use otschelushivaniyu skin. But what about the fact that it is necessary, there is no dispute. The answer is simple: you need to exfoliate your skin. And here's why.

1. Exfoliate - this soft leather. The first thing we notice after applying the scrub (no matter which method is chosen - a chemical or physical) - a soft and smooth skin. The result is almost immediate!

2. Exfoliation stimulates cell renewal. Update cells - the natural process of skin. But it slows down, if the dead cells interfere. The result - a dull complexion, lack of radiance, skin dryness and flaking. Rejection of the layer of dead cells helps cell renewal and cell renewal - a young skin.

3. Exfoliate prevents acne.   Regular peeling skin prone to acne, prevents new acne. For a skin you need to use a chemical method of exfoliation. Scrubs for skin prone to acne, are composed of enzymes that help dissolve dead cells (clogging the pores, dirt and dead skin cells clog pores and cause acne).

4. Exfoliate - this even skin tone.   Hyperpigmentation can be reduced by regularly exfoliate the skin.

5. Exfoliate - this is the best basis for the funds's Skin . The dead, dry skin cells prevented completely absorb all the benefits of serums and creams. After exfoliating your product will achieve the best results.
Author: Julia Gnedina