Four cocktail burning fat
 These cocktails can be drunk as a snack, and you can "sit" on them a day before a responsible meeting or appointment. Including them in your diet, you can gradually move to a summer meal. They provide enough energy, vitamins and a single gram of excess calories and fat. Furthermore, increased fat metabolism and cleaved.

Our advice - these include smoothies in the diet twice a day, and then they will "work" more effectively.

• Strawberry.
As soon as the fresh strawberries from the garden, turned their attention to this berry. First, you can just eat it, she did not calories and helps increase metabolism. But if it's boring, it is possible to vary the menu so cocktail burn fat. Mix in a blender 2/3 cup strawberries and 1 cup of skim milk. Drink for breakfast and afternoon tea.

• Banana-pear.
Want to get rid of fat delicious way? Prepare a mixture: 2 ripe banana, ½ cup sliced ​​pears and a little ice. Drink several days twice a day.

• Pineapple-grapefruit.
This cocktail for lovers of tropical fruit. This mixture not only help burn fat and get rid of excess weight, but also a loading dose of antioxidants. It is necessary to mix 4 slices of pineapple, half a grapefruit, 1 teaspoon of honey, ice. Drink at every meal.

• tomato and cranberry.
As quickly as possible to get rid of toxins, cleansing the body and getting rid of fat - that's what gives this interesting drink. Mix in a blender ½ cup cranberries and half the tomatoes, add a teaspoon of honey. Additional effect - bowel perfect job!
Author: Julia Gnedina