From winter - in summer: our beautician
 More recently, with the advent of cold weather, we advise you to pay attention to the super-moisturizing properties and a fatty texture's Skin funds and makeup products. In the spring of these funds are no longer needed. And what they change - read our instructions.

 From winter - in summer: our beautician

1. Tone Cream on the change toning moisturizer.

2. All greasy and heavy creams leave for the winter. I have oily moisturizer on light means a fluid or gel.

3. All means no change to the SPF products with solar filter. All products should have SPF. Especially the daily moisturizer, primer and tonal basis.

4. Face masks are changing the oil on the face. This is the best form of moisture in spring, fall oil weightless on the skin layer.

5. Chemical peels are changing the physical. You can often use a brush exfoliation to thoroughly exfoliate coarsened over the winter parts of the body.

6. Average change in the two-phase cleansing: need additional clarification from the city of dirt and dust. To this end, my face twice and using a cloth napkin, without them remove the layer of dead cells and detergent residues.

7. Change M on T & M: hydration (Moisturizer) on toning + moisturizing (Toner & Moisturizer). Sebum production at high temepraturah activated therefore need toners and matting products, wipes and degreasing all desirable products marked oil-free.
Author: Julia Gnedina