Is it scary - not to wash off makeup at night?
 We rarely allow myself this, but at least once every girl to sleep with makeup, and then wakes up in terror, "and what I've done! ". Calm, but calm - we hasten to say.

Will the spots on the skin after one night of sleep with makeup? Most likely no. But if you regularly sleep with meykapom on his face - something worth pondering. Although there is not so scary.

In fact, there is no much difference between when the make-up take out 8 hours a day, and so when you're in a make-up for 8 hours at night. And it is fair to those who sleep on their backs and not tossing and turning. It is only when your face starts to rub on the pillow, and then the trouble occurs with skin. Because cosmetics will wear a pillow, then again pushed into the skin of the pillow, the pores are clogged, the skin stops breathing. You will immediately see a couple of pimples on the face, especially if the skin is prone to acne.

Another reason why you should not sleep with makeup, is the risk of getting eye infections. But again, this is true if you sleep restlessly and in contact with the face of a pillow. In this case, it is likely to rise in the morning with redness, burning eyes, with signs of conjunctivitis.

One of the arguments against the railway sleeping in make-up may be that you miss the opportunity to saturate the skin with essential nutrients. Now even young women prefer nightly retinoid agents or antioxidants night hydration and nutrition are very important, because at night the skin is more ready for regeneration and renewal.

Of course, from one night to the make-up will not harm much, especially if you sleep on your back. So, do not blame yourself if, after eventful New Year's Eve you will not have the strength to make-up remover. But still in the habit of converting is not necessary.
Author: Julia Gnedina