The best makeup colors for different skin tones
 Your image will be more expressive and harmonious if you use make-up "their" colors. Learn from our tips, what color liner to choose which palettes of shadows and blush.

Colors make-up for the three skin tones:

 The best makeup colors for different skin tones

Dark skin
- Brown and nude (the color of dark skin) do not work, fused with the skin. The preferred shades of champagne and pink color.
- To effectively looked the shadows: coral, purple, plum, emerald, gold, silver, copper, bronze. Pastel shade possible, but be aware that they will make the skin darker visually. Choose a shimmering finish and metallics, these products are very well illuminated dark face.
- Liner to the eye can be black, purple, or blue-black.
- Blush choose color fuchsia, coral, pink, these colors look great on tanned skin.

Medium skin tones
- Avoid matte finish, it makes the person flat.
- The most successful shades of shadows: pink, burgundy, vanilla, dark green, purple, coral, caramel, coal, coffee, all shades of brown.
- The liner can be purple, black, brown, wine.
- For blush fit almost any color, but especially fortunate all shades of pink and coral.

Bright skin
- Under the ban is very dark shades, they are not suitable for light skin.
- As the shadows you can use colors: dark gray, light brown, gray, pastel hues and pale faded.
- Metallica is best suited silver.
- Eyeliner can be green, brown. Excellent reception, when the liner for the eyes corresponds to the color of lipstick.
- Blush: subtle shades of peach, pink and coral.
Author: Julia Gnedina