Turn your night's rest in the beauty sleep
 Sleeping Beauty - is the one that helps us to look attractive and maintain health. How should it be to wear the name of "beauty sleep"?

There are some simple guidelines that should be followed:

 Turn your night's rest in the beauty sleep

Sleep duration affects its quality. But this does not mean that you need to sleep as much as possible. 10:00 Sleep is not only useful than 7-8 hours, and even harmful.

The position of the body during sleep
Sleeping Beauty - this is only on the back. On the abdomen and on the side - it leads to wrinkles and fluid retention.

Pillow tall silk. Linens - preferably white, there are no dyes and, as a rule, is environmentally friendly material options.

No alcohol, smoking before bedtime. It allowed 2 glasses of wine. No caffeine in the afternoon. Snack before bedtime allowed: no more than 200 calories, carbohydrate and protein ratio of 50/50.

Just before going to bed you can drink low-fat milk (1 cup) and eat a half-cup of light crackers. It is impossible to meat before bedtime.

Before going to bed to improve the quality of sleep can take a vitamin complex with vitamin B and calcium, zinc, iron and copper.

Skin care
Always cleaning: mild cleanser + moisturizer. And nourishing creams and serums with retinoids.

Graphics: mycharm.ru
Author: Julia Gnedina