Washing the face: how to
 We will not talk about today, two-phase or three-phase systems, even cleansing. Let us recall the basic steps in the purification of the skin. Subject-to-date, especially in spring, when the air becomes more dust and dirt.

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 Washing the face: how to

Step 1. Start with the hands. Many people make the mistake of starting immediately lathering skin. But on the hands, usually accumulates the highest number of microbes. Before touching hands face, wash them thoroughly with soap and water.

Step 2. Remove makeup. Use the tool that you like best: oil, lotion, cream.

STEP 3. Rinse your face. Best of all - warm water to open the pores slightly. But do not use hot water to the face! It damages the delicate skin of the face, deprived of its elasticity and firmness.

Step 4. Detergent. First, soften it in your hands and then apply to your face, your fingertips and in a circular motion. Massage for 30-60 seconds, without a strong friction. Rinse with detergent first with warm water, then rinse with cool water.

You already have your cleaner? For oily skin, you can buy the product with salicylic acid to dry skin - without sulphates and moisturizing ingredieami.

Step 5. Dry the skin with a towel. Do not rub, but gently pat the face. This step can be skipped if the street is spring or summer and in the cold season, you can not dry the skin, if you are not going to go out in the next hour.

Step 6.   T & M. decrypts: Toner & Moisturizer (toning and moisturizing). Tonic is particularly important for owners of oily skin. A moisturizing need any type of skin. Use a tool specifically designed for your type.

P.S. Wash your face 2 times a day. You should not do it more often if you do not need additional purification. Periodically align with peeling washing (1-2 times a week).
Author: Julia Gnedina