What is "sensitive skin"
 Recently, the term "sensitive skin" is used very often. Advertising cosmetic uses it as a magic wand to draw the attention of demanding consumers. As a result, many women began to believe that they - holders of sensitive skin.

But is this true? Maybe you should not be premature to refer themselves to a category of women with sensitive skin and do not buy a suitable means for themselves?

Many people mistakenly take any skin irritation for showing the sensitivity of the skin, - says Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery. For example, during the cold season are more likely to become any type of irritation of the skin. So do not consider the appearance of redness in the winter a sign of sensitive skin.

Here are two simple tests to show that you have sensitive skin:
- Press the fingertips on the face. If you see redness - it is a sign of sensitive skin.
- Any cosmetic product on sensitive skin causes burning or redness. That is literally the face reddens on everything from gel for washing and finishing moisturizer.

If you have really sensitive skin, you should go to cosmetics designed for this type of skin. A skin for any other such means can hardly operate.
Author: Julia Gnedina