Glass of wine on Valentine's Day for the benefit of the skin
 Many of us are already preparing for a romantic dinner for two, think through the menu, table decoration and gifts ... Probably will be wine. But it is not necessary to drink every drop. Because you can use this drink for the benefit of their skin.

More recently, scientists have finally proved the benefit of resveratrol found in red wine. This substance helps to strengthen blood vessels and reduce "bad" cholesterol. However, it appears that not only limited benefits of wine. Meet new ingredient for skin care!

- Wine lightens dark spots. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants found in wine - are effective for the treatment and prevention of pigmentation in the skin. Polyphenol destroys an enzyme that promotes the appearance of dark spots on the skin. To prevent future stains and brighten the skin a little bit, you can try the fresh juice of the grape (white grape) or wine (diluted in water) as a tonic for the face.

- Wine prevents wrinkles. Resveratrol contained in red wine, is a serious enemy of free radicals that destroy collagen, reducing the elasticity of the skin and causing wrinkles. However, one should know and that resveratrol is more effective when applied topically. Do not just aspire to drink wine every day, to reduce wrinkles. Following oral administration of resveratrol is very rapidly metabolized, it is unlikely that any significant concentrations of this substance made of skin tissue. If you want to get the benefits of resveratrol for the skin, it is best to buy products for the face (cream or serum) containing resveratrol. There are even cosmetics from grape seed extract that protects the eyelids, cheeks and lips from free radical damage. Because red wine is possible to prepare a light tonic, matting the skin. It must be very well diluted with water.

Drink a glass of red wine, even on Valentine's Day, you can afford, remembering that wine is struggling with bad cholesterol, which causes the appearance of wrinkles.

- Wine calms inflammation. Antioxidants allow the skin to recover faster and take medical treatment. So you should pay attention to the soothing serum with extracts of grape and wipe inflamed skin fresh grapes.

- The wine can prevent cancer. Again, we should say 'thank you' to resveratrol. It prevents the development of tumors. The effectiveness of topical application of resveratrol proved. However, remember the following fact: Resveratrol is very sensitive to light, ultraviolet light will convert up to 90% of the matter in a less active form. That's why the most useful for the skin may be nocturnal means resveratrol, as well as those which is composed of SPF filters.
Author: Julia Gnedina