The remedy for cellulite 0 cents
 You need only a few extra minutes to shower. Every day or every other day. And after a couple of weeks, you do not know your skin - cellulite is significantly reduced or gone altogether.

This method - Dry Brush . You've probably heard more than once, about his existence. But whether to trust?

Skin is composed of layers. Dermis - the deep layer, it is located under a layer where there is collagen and elastin that keep the skin in place and not allowing it to stretch. The epidermis - the topmost layer of skin, it is composed of cells that have died (at the top of the layer) or in the process of dying.

With age, collagen and elastin break down, but remain firmly attached to the outer layer of the skin and internal (being like gasket). This causes a depression in the outer layer of skin, are recognizable signs of cellulite.

While this method is not found, that would get rid of cellulite forever. You can use the extra layer of fat filling with collagen, but it will still be a temporary solution. But there is hope!

First, you should know that dehydrated skin is thinner and therefore more depression manifests. Therefore, there is a simple solution - thorough hydration inside and out. It is our least 8 glasses of water a day inside and moisturizing oil on the surface of the skin (by the way, read as 3 liters of water a day transformed one Briton & gt; & gt; & gt;). Filled the skin with moisture, you create the effect of edema, skin as it is inflated and does not show ugly relief.

Another method, which just will not cost you anything - it dry cleaning .

 The remedy for cellulite 0 cents

The next day, before going to the shower, use a dry brush exfoliation. This method saves you the layer of dead and dry cells, increases blood circulation, which helps the skin cells quickly update, get rid of the dryness, and as a result be more moist.

The effect of the dry cleaning is maintained for 24 hours. The procedure itself will not take you more than 3 minutes. Massage should be toward the heart.

 The remedy for cellulite 0 cents
One of the beauty bloggers share their results from dry cleaning (

Dry cleaning helps the skin to get rid of toxins, absorb more oxygen. After the dry peeling skin and your soul will more effectively absorb nutrients from moisturizing cream or oil, and this is another advantage for the additional moisture.

Council:   Do not forget that the moisturizer will take time to sink in completely - at least 15 minutes!
Author: Julia Gnedina