Baby wipes: 15 applications for home, health and beauty
 If you have a small child in the house, then you probably have noticed that many of the children's hygiene products can be used for adults. For example, baby shampoo can wash delicate clothing, baby oil to moisturize the skin and hair ... And at least 15 new applications, we found for baby wipes.

On the market there are many brands and varieties: there are aloe, essential oils, perfumed and odorless, a wet or moist with cream ... Choose and use any!

1. If you have wooden furniture, which can not be washed with soap and water, clean it with wet baby wipes. For example, such as a piano or furniture polished tabletop.

2. Do antibacterial wipes, they can be used to handle the wound before the first aid.

3. Bring a beach resort on after blowing sand and wind and sand can quickly clean the lips and skin.

4. Use ochischeniz and disinfecting hands when this is not available (in public toilets, while traveling).

5. Efficient and gentle make-up remover.

6. Clean the oil from the skin of the face.

7. From sunburn. Place the towels in the refrigerator, and then wipe with a tanned skin is cool and relieve irritation.

8. Use as a proper means of disinfection, such as restaurants, wipe the furniture, chairs outdoor cafes.

9. get rid of the swelling: Put in the freezer and apply to the bags under the eyes in the morning. Also use instead of ice in the morning wiping skin.

10. Good clean leather shoes.

11. Is it possible to wipe the monitor - do not damage the screen.

12. Wipe the leaves of houseplants from dust.

13. Clean makeup brushes.

14. If there is no soul - wipe their body: cleanse the skin and moisturize.

15. Use to wipe paws after walking your pet, so he did not carry into the house of the urban dust.
Author: Julia Gnedina