DIY: Cream for the skin around the eyes with his hands
 Cream for the eye area - a product of delicate and often - expensive. Is it possible to do at home? It turns out you can. Here is one of the most popular recipes.

This recipe will appeal to those who suffer from dry skin around the eyes. You will receive a light moisturizing gel, natural and natural. It will not irritate the eyes, and, moreover, prevents the appearance of small white bumps under the eyes, which are caused by heavy products.

What you need:
- 1/4 cup of aloe vera juice (you can take aloe vera gel, which is sold in pharmacies, it contains up to 99% of live aloe juice)
- 1 capsule of vitamin E (also sold in a pharmacy).

Mix the ingredients, and light cream for the eye area is ready! In an airtight container and refrigerated such a composition can be stored for about 3 weeks! Just make sure to cover tight.

 DIY: Cream for the skin around the eyes with his hands

The resulting gel can be saturated and antioxidant properties by adding 3 drops of green tea extract (just make highly concentrated broth). And if you add to gel half a teaspoon of cucumber juice, then your makeup will still fight swelling.

Be sure to keep any pets will be only in the refrigerator!
Author: Julia Gnedina