Eyelashes artificial, natural effect
 Many believe that any false lashes look unnatural and unnatural. And wrong. You can have artificial cilia, but with a natural effect.

It's enough to remember a few guidelines:

1. Determine the desired length of the cilia. Perhaps your eyelashes look unnatural because it is too long? False eyelashes are long from 8 to 17 mm. For the majority of young women can be advised two universal cilia length: 10-11 mm in the middle of the century, and 9 mm - the edges.

2. Decide with the color. Not all works perfectly glossy black lashes. For a softer look for girls with fair skin and blond hair - gray suit and black or brown cilia.

3. Select the form of a curl.   Yes, bending eyelashes can be different. For example, there are extreme cilia bend in the form of a letter "C", and there is a calm and natural curve of the letter «J». There are practically straight lashes. Look at the bend of your own lashes and looking like the most, then the false eyelashes will look particularly natural.

4. More natural looking artificial lashes are glued "bushes" at 2-3. Eyelashes-based thread - evening and dramatic option. They also require more skill when gluing.

 Eyelashes artificial, natural effect

5. Observe the care of the increased cilia.

- In the first 24 hours after the procedure, avoid sweat build-up of heat. That is, will have to miss a workout at the gym and sauna.
- Do not use cleaning products or tools for make-up remover oil-based. Oil may lead to the fact that artificial cilia peeling off prematurely.
- Do not rub your eyes.
Author: Julia Gnedina