The first gray hairs: what to do with them?
 The first gray hair may appear in 17 years, and 20 and 36. When the entire head of a gray-haired - clearly, you need to take a radical decision: to leave things as they are, or dye your hair completely. And what to do when a little gray hairs?

Experts say that there is nothing wrong if you throw up a couple of hairs. And do not believe the old wives' tale that in the place where torn gray hair grows a dozen in return. This is nothing more than a myth.

If the hairs are more than a dozen - that need help colorist. It is better to go to the salon to the master, he will recommend the solution - a coloring shampoo, or a selection of the exact shade resistant paint. In any case, after a professional dye you do not have to redo the work, after the home when wrongly chosen paint simply can not paint over your gray hairs.

Coined and another option - a temporary, but interesting. There was here such a novelty - a special tool to paint gray hairs. In appearance - mascara, but inside the tint color, which is close in color to natural hair color (from light brown to black in the middle). However, the tool is not persistent (until the next hair wash), but it says only that the paint is not a lot of chemistry.

 The first gray hairs: what to do with them?
Ink painting for gray hair Rashell Masc-A-Gray Hair Mascara

Author: Julia Gnedina