Vodka - a new cosmetic product must-have
 You've probably already tried a tonic for the skin of champagne, wine masks and wraps for hair of cognac? But there is another alcoholic beverage that can be used for beauty. This vodka.

Consumption of alcohol inside, of course, will not add youthful skin. There are other healthy ways to use vodka for beauty.

1. For the razor. After using a razor dip it in a cup of vodka. Alcohol disinfects the blade and prevents corrosion. The razor will last longer, shaving will be cleaner.

2. hair. Vodka can prevent disparate curly hair and add shine to hair. Add a few drops of hair conditioner, it will lower the pH level, which will help to close the cuticle. A sealed cuticle - it smooth and hair a healthy shine.

3. For fresh breath. Rinse mouth with vodka for 30 seconds. Do not swallow! Bad breath disappears. Once you can use mint gum to neutralize the smell of alcohol. Refreshing effect of vodka will be a lot longer, because it is not just a fragrance (as are rinses and chewing gum), a complete disinfection of the oral cavity.

4. For the legs. If you have a problem with sweating feet - do foot bath with the addition of vodka. This will help remove the unpleasant smell for a long time.

Now you know what to do with the remains of alcohol after the New Year's Eve?
Author: Julia Gnedina