Why essential oils in cosmetics?
 "Conditioning with argan oil," "Hair Serum with coconut oil", "hand cream with rose oil" ... You may have encountered such names in the cosmetic department. Names are beautiful, but how to figure it out? Read our brief cheat sheet to marketers "have led you by the nose" and not tempted cute names.

Tea tree oil
It is used in cosmetics for acne, dandruff in the media.

Coconut oil
Added to the funds for the hair shine and protect hair from the elements. In cosmetics for dry skin.

Olive oil
For hair - in the media, increase strength and elasticity of the hair, in the means for removing waterproof makeup in a tonic for the skin (moisturizer, lotion).

Argan oil
Used vehicles hair straighteners and hair shine. Also in skin moisturizer, in an anti-age creams.

Jojoba oil
Maybe go for any cosmetic product, its action is universal. The hair products often added to strengthen the roots.

Rosemary oil
Usually added in hair products, promotes hair growth and strength, as well as by means of dry dandruff and scalp.

Peppermint oil
It is used in lip balms, lipstick, lip gloss. In the media after sunburn.
Author: Olga Larsen