With vitamin C gives your skin?
 For some reason, we often remember the vitamin C in the season of colds. Learn about the advantages of this ingredient your skin throughout the year.

- Vitamin C reduces the damage caused by UV rays. Vitamin C - is, of course, not sunscreen, but its antioxidant properties protect the skin from UV radiation. This confirms the fact that, after UV exposure on the skin levels of vitamin C in it depleted.

- Vitamin C increases the production of collagen. Using makeup with vitamin C, you are helping to increase the skin's production of collagen and renew the skin.

- Exfoliate enhances the absorption of vitamin C. The top layer of the skin prevents the horny effective absorption of vitamin C in cosmetics. A removal of the stratum corneum (by chemical or mechanical peeling) enhances the absorption of vitamin C skin.

- Too high concentrations of vitamin C irritate sensitive skin. Studies indicate that the absorption of vitamin C depends on the pH level of the skin. Best of all, the skin had a pH of less than 3, 5. That is why vitamin C can irritate sensitive skin.

- High concentrations of vitamin C - does not mean more effective . The maximum absorption of vitamin skin is achieved at 20% concentration of vitamin C. Higher concentrations do not change the results.

- Effectively combining vitamin C and E. This combination provides a higher level of protection from UV exposure.

- Consumption of vitamin C reduces dryness of the skin. We are talking about consumption with food. In the meantime, vitamin C in cosmetic slightly increases water loss. Therefore, it is important for the skin not only the external application of vitamin C, but its effect inside.

- Vitamin C is rapidly oxidized in the skin when exposed to light, air and heat. It is important to apply sunscreen SPF, vitamin C to the skin all the benefits provided.
Author: Julia Gnedina