Beauty Secrets from Karolina Kurkova
 Czech supermodel - winner almost perfect skin. Carolina herself believes that her face - the result of the use of natural resources. It supporter all organic and cosmetics, and in food. This was told a celebrity publication NewYorkTimes.

Carolina always start your day with a green smoothie, prepares it herself. In the evening drinking chocolate drink, too, its own production.

What about cosmetics? Is it too Caroline makes herself? Imagine yes. Masks and scrubs Carolina prefers all-natural.

Makeup removal
"To remove the make-up eyelashes I use coconut oil. Oil grade is not important, the main thing that it was cold-pressed. So I remove oil mascara, and then use their usual means of Bioderma other means to remove make-up. " If you wear mascara (waterproof or lengthening) every day or even twice a day (as Carolina), it is a means to make-up remover as coconut oil - is really the best solution. It nourishes the lashes, softens them, it does not hurt.

 Beauty Secrets from Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova also says that using its coconut oil not only for the eyelashes. She likes to put it on the skin of the lips, it strengthens the cuticle, it puts the ends of the hair.

Mask for the face
"When you wear makeup every day, the pores of the face need constant purification. I try to make a mask two or three times a week ", - says Carolina. Her favorite recipe - a mask of oatmeal. "I just put my oatmeal in the morning on the skin, this mask is very well moisturizes the skin and purifies it." Carolina says that makes a porridge for breakfast, and divides the portion in half: half of the face, the other half - eaten.

 Beauty Secrets from Karolina Kurkova

The best scrub
The most high-quality exfoliation Karolina Kurkova said pairs. "I do steam baths two or three times a week. While the impact of the ferry just rub your skin - and all the dead particles are removed. " After exfoliation Carolina recommends doing a very good moisture using oils: olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil. "Just be sure to apply natural oils! "- Warns model.

 Beauty Secrets from Karolina Kurkova

Hike to the beautician
"I've got a woman who works with my face over the years. This Russian cosmetologist named Isabella (Salon Advanced Skin Care). It serves many models. Isabella does a terrific cleansing facial and massage. I always need a good cleansing of the face, because I wear a lot of makeup. Therefore, I like to go to Isabella. She knows a lot of masks and facial cleansing then sometimes spend an hour! ".

 Beauty Secrets from Karolina Kurkova
Karolina Kurkova

Author: Julia Gnedina