Five applications of olive oil to your beauty
 You, of course, add the olive oil in their summer salads? But do not forget that this product will always help and daily care of themselves.

We offer five simple ideas of how you can use olive oil for personal care:

1. As the means for shaving. If you have sensitive skin, almost all shaving gels (and the procedure itself) are irritating. But olive oil - the perfect remedy for shaving sensitive skin.

2. How deep conditioning hair. Apply olive oil on freshly washed and towel-dried hair a bit. Top wear cap for hair drying and exposure to heat jet dryer for 10 minutes. Then leave the warm oil on the head for 10 minutes. And wash your hair.

3. As the base oil for home scrubs. With a shortage of time and ingredients, adding enough olive oil to brown sugar, or sea salt. You can make more complex compositions with oatmeal, coffee, fruit pulp.

4. As a moisturizer for cuticles. Mix olive oil with water in the bath, and soak it in hand for 5 minutes. Then soften cuticles warm olive oil (rub in cuticle nail). And then you can remove the skin with a wooden stick.

5. As a means of make-up remover. To remove stubborn means an ordinary liquid makeup remover is not suitable. Put a little olive oil on a cotton swab and one touch can remove waterproof mascara and lipstick resistant.
Author: Julia Gnedina