Goodbye, greasy hair!
 Washing hair - not the most pleasant time to care for themselves. It's not just that it is a long and laborious process (if you do it right). Many do not want to say goodbye to the successful laying, besides the hair a day after washing more docile and smooth than immediately after washing.

But how else to get rid of greasy hair? Of course, you guessed it. We are talking about dry shampoo. The advantages of this product are many. But there is a drawback - it is the high cost.

Then make your own dry shampoo. It's easier than it seems. For homemade dry shampoo is required only two ingredients:
- Baby powder (talc)
- baking soda.

Mix these ingredients in equal amounts (for one application will require no more than 1/4 cups of each component). Put on your head, massaging the scalp. Leave it on for a minute or two on the hair, the fat absorbed. Then carefully comb out. Soda makes hair smooth, making it easy to comb and powder is well absorbed fat.

ATTENTION! Do not use just one soda, after several applications hair can start to break down.
Author: Julia Gnedina