Home scrub for very dry skin
 Dry skin is in greater need of exfoliation. However, it is also true that the peeling injure it deprives the skin of moisture, and this is detrimental for dry skin. What to do? Choose the right scrub with moisturizing properties.

Or make a product themselves. It's easy and the ingredients need little.

- 1 whole almond
- Half a spoon of cream
- One tablespoon poppy seeds

Almonds should be soaked in clean water overnight. On the morning to see that almonds swollen, enlarged, softened.

 Home scrub for very dry skin

Should be removed from the shell nuts, almonds and grate. After mix together all three ingredients: cream, almonds, poppy seeds.

 Home scrub for very dry skin

Get moisturizing scrub for dry skin. He cleans the skin, removes dark spots and removes dry skin. Poppy seeds have sharp edges, it is important to dry skin, which is prone to cracking. By the way, they can be replaced by any other seeds, which have a smooth shape and will not injure the skin.

Apply on the face should be in a circular motion for a few minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

 Home scrub for very dry skin

Author: Julia Gnedina