Make yourself useful rejuvenating water
 These recipes we found a blog Lauren Conrad, an American TV star, designer and writer. She often encouraged interesting and simple female secrets. And advised to make himself useful to the health and beauty of the water.

Every summer, Lauren pleases herself fruit or vegetable refreshing water. It makes this revitalizing drink is very simple.

It is necessary to slice the fruit and place in a jar of water. You can start to drink this water once, but then you will not feel the aroma and delicate taste. Better to let it brew for a drink a few hours. When insisting for 4 hours produces the most powerful aroma.

Keep need to drink in the refrigerator. As long as the fruits and vegetables are chilled, drink do not go bad. But do not keep the "healthy water" more than a week, the best period - 3-5 days. Then make a new water.

And here is the new recipes   Lauren from the blog:
- Orange, lemon and lime
- Lemon, raspberry, mint
- Lemon, mint, cucumber
- Black currant, cherry, lime

 Make yourself useful rejuvenating water

What gives this drink? Firstly, it is a good detox. Secondly, the hydration and the charge of anti-oxidants and vitamins, which is very good for the skin. And, of course, a good mood, because the flavors are obtained invigorating and optimistic.
Author: Julia Gnedina