Natural solution to summer skin problems
 Summer delight us more warm days, so - outdoor recreation is still relevant and desirable. However, it becomes a cause of some summer skin problems. Learn how to deal with these things by natural means, without resorting to chemicals and expensive products.

Even the August sun can give a nasty surprise as the red skin and sunburn.

 Natural solution to summer skin problems

It is better to prevent trouble:
- Do not stay under the scorching rays of the sun between 10 am and 4 pm, when the solar activity is particularly dangerous for the skin.
- Treat your skin sunscreen with a protection level of at least an SPF of 15, even if the weather is cloudy (cloudy weather and in the shadow can also be burnt!).
- Add more tomatoes in the diet. Studies indicate that lycopene contained in tomatoes, is involved in updating and protecting the skin from sunlight. This phytochemical - a source of red pigment in tomatoes and other fruits crimson color (eg, red pepper), it provides the best protection from the sun and take medical treatment burns.

If the skin is burned, then apply a natural means of treatment:
- Aloe vera   (in the form of a gel or a natural juice) provide cooling and humidification of damaged skin. Apply an even layer on the skin, do not rub and leave to dry.
- Oatmeal. Cooled porridge will be a natural anti-inflammatory agent, relieves pain after a burn. You can put oatmeal in a gauze bag (or a bag of nylon stockings) and lower in the water bath. It should soak in a soothing and moisturizing bath.
- Tea. Tea bags (wet cooling) can be treated with inflamed skin, or add them to a cool bath. Powerful antioxidants will save your skin from dehydration and destruction, soothe inflammation.
- Apple vinegar. Acetic acid (weak solution) relieve the itching, flaking, relieve swelling.

Insect bite

 Natural solution to summer skin problems

It is better to prevent trouble:
- Limit your time outdoors at dawn and dusk, when the air temperature falls and the mosquitoes come out to hunt. The same applies to shady places - mosquitoes there comfortably.
- Do not rest near wet places for a long time or there are puddles of swamp areas. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water.
- Do not walk on the grass is very high, there is always a lot of insects.
- Wear loose clothing because tight things easier for mosquitoes and insects can bite.

If there was an insect bite, then apply a natural means of treatment:
- Ice. Apply ice immediately after it appeared the bite. This will restrict the flow of blood, reduce redness and swelling.
- Aloe vera. The cooled gel or juice soothe itching after being bitten.

General tips for summer vacation:
- A cold compress imposed on the affected area of ​​the skin, constricts blood vessels, which helps reduce redness and alleviate the discomfort.
- Sunburn, insect bites, rashes from stinging plants tend to go for a week (less for two weeks). If after this period symptoms are - should consult a doctor.
- All funds (whether domestic, national or purchased) are designed only to quickly reduce symptoms and to heal will have to wait longer.
Author: Julia Gnedina