Problems of hair after pregnancy
 The theme of beauty during the pregnancy and after it is now more relevant than ever: thanks to Kate Middleton. Very soon we will know the post-Babe diet of the Duchess of Cambridge, as well as certain shopping list for a newborn from Kate. And today's post - the beauty of hair after pregnancy.

Celebrities who have given birth 22 July, 2013 - Kate Middleton and Penelope Cruz - known for their shiny and long hair. Even women with healthy hair prone to hair loss after pregnancy and childbirth.

Why is this happening?
Elevated levels of estrogen during pregnancy helps hair follicles to grow longer than usual. Many women know that during pregnancy the hair is thicker. After birth, estrogen levels drop quickly, resulting in hair fall. There is not only the natural hair loss, hair fall and those who "stayed" in the scalp for longer than usual, because of the hormones.

Another cause of hair loss after childbirth - a low level of iron. Plus stress and fatigue feelings for the baby. All this provokes hair loss in post-tribal period.

Scientists confirm that the problem is fairly common. From 50 to 60% of women going through similar after childbirth. The situation is getting better after an average of 3-6 months.

What can be done?
A healthy diet, rich in vitamins - a good prevention of hair loss. Remember: all the 9 months you take vitamins, and after childbirth may have stopped doing it. The first 3 months after childbirth a woman shows continue taking vitamins. Consult your doctor what vitamins should you take. Most often, women after childbirth do not have enough iron.

It should also monitor the moisture of the scalp, try not to expose themselves to unnecessary unrest.
Author: Julia Gnedina