Ripe bananas - a godsend for the skin
 I do not know what to do with a little over-mature bananas? These fruits may be very much, if you use them for the skin or hair. We found at least eight new applications for the banana.

1. From dry skin . The easiest way - to crush the banana with a fork in a bowl and apply slurry to the skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Avoid the eye area! After - rinse with warm water, then cold. Dry skin immediately feels soft and relieved.

2. From Oily Skin . To get rid of greasy help following simple structure: Mix one mashed banana, and 2 teaspoons lemon juice.

3. From the dry hair and itchy scalp . Oils and potassium contained in bananas, can be used not only in masks for the face, and hair. Mix in a blender 2 ripe bananas, avocados and one pack of yogurt. This mixture is creamy, more like a dessert, to be applied on the scalp as a mask for 20 minutes. The hair is then rinsed with lukewarm water.

4. From wrinkles . Bananas are rich in Vitamin E - Vitamin youth, as they say beauticians. Together with avocado (a source of fatty acids), these two fruits can make a wonderful rejuvenating mask of wrinkles and age spots.

5. From flaky skin . Make a banana peeling, and use to exfoliate dead cells. Suitable for normal skin. Ingredients: banana, oatmeal, coconut oil. Frequency of use: 1 time per week.

6. From the puffy eyes . Eat bananas, it will relieve the swelling under the eyes. Potassium helps in the fight against the delay of salt. You can use a banana to the swelling and externally.

7. From Acne . It's all in the peel! Before you throw it, rub the inside of the peel face. And wash yogurt. Repeat 1 time per day (or more often) during the week and acne will start to disappear. But if you notice redness and irritation - to stop this process.

8. From cracked heels . Pulp 1-2 bananas put on the foot, wait 10 minutes and rinse. This will prevent dryness of the legs and the appearance of new cracks and heal existing ones.
Author: Julia Gnedina